Wedding joys and blues

The past weekend, we brought Mischa to her very first formal occasion–her Aunt (my cousin) Pam’s wedding. It was one of those rare times that we made ourselves up and dressed to the nines, and I got on one of those mommy moments again as I watched my little one looking all spiffy.

But the fun kinda stopped there. The minute we set foot in the church, she spun like a top. The hubby and I almost missed the whole ceremony trying to run after her as she flit from pew to door to flower stand to wherever her fancy takes her. At the end of the mass, I had the hulas look with sweat running down my face, neck and back. So there goes the blues in this story.

I got a little sidetracked here. This post should have been about Pam and Chie and the beautiful start of their lives. My mommy side is rearing its head again, and is showing off the antics of her kid. Tut, tut. But the wedding was, as always, a celebration of love and family. You can always feel and taste it in the air, and theirs was another festive event. Even though they don’t read this, I wish to congratulate Pam and Chie, and send them my best wishes. Pam and her sister Erika are my closest cousins although, sadly, we drifted apart over the years mostly due to how busy our lives has gotten, and our mothers have not been able to force us to get together as often. Anyways, a toast to the new husband and wife. As the adage goes, may they live happily ever after 🙂

Also, would like to post this picture I am going to entitle “Larena women”. There are three generations of us here. I miss my lola, who has long met her maker. I’m sure she would have been proud of the women her granddaughters have become.

The Sights and Smells of Vancouver

I spent a total of 7 days in Vancouver, hours of it spent aboard aircrafts.  It was short and sweet.  We didn’t even get to see much of the city save for downtown and a couple of touristy spots.  But what I saw, smelled and tasted, I loved!  For one, being accustomed to heat and humidity, I gloried in the cold but sunny air. It didn’t matter that my arms felt like they were locked in a permanent cross over my chest to keep warm, it still felt like sheer bliss.  To a person like myself who is only used to blistering summers and clammy rains, it seemed like the perfect autumn weather to me.  I didn’t get to experience this in the United Kingdom way back in July of 2006 since we went there smack in the middle of one of the hottest heat waves the country has ever seen.  And Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand couldn’t very well boast of any cool season as we all experience tropical paradise almost year round.  So it was really a nice and very pleasant change for me.

Second, I just marveled at the cleanness and quiet charm of the surroundings.  I live and work in and around Metro Manila, and while it will always be home, I couldn’t help but envy what Canadians have.  I know, I know.  Filipinos are at fault why we have left Manila reeking in filth in many areas.  There’s a lot of work to do to be done here–beginning with ourselves and our surroundings.  I’m just saying, it would be great to raise a child there.  The country would absolutely do them good what with all that fresh air, nice and clean parks, moderate population, low crime rate, not to mention the excellent social services.

Vancouver and its suburbs just rock.  There is a place for everybody.  For the first time in my existence, I actually entertained the thought of migrating.  No other country that I have visited has tugged at my insides like Canada. But this needs more thinking and much contemplation between the hubby and me.  It’s not all about us anymore.  Mostly, it’ll be about Mischa and our future child(ren).  There’s a lot to consider here. We’re comfortable where we are right now although a bit tight at the moment. Plus there are our families…lemme just think this through and catch my breath here. Wouldn’t want to get carried away.

For now, I leaving you guys with these pictures.  Too bad they aren’t my own but my colleague, Rod, took some excellent shots.

* photos courtesy of Rod

New toy

Although hubby and I are not professionals, we absolutely love taking pictures. There’s something about capturing every momentous occasion, especially now that we have a kid who we want to document every milestone. We got along just fine with a point and shoot for years. We have not delved into the technicalities of lighting, shutter speed, etc. etc. What mattered most of the time was the subject. Anyway, after my recent trip to North America, I got ourselves this:

Hubby is most excited, I think he’s going to pop the question to her soon. lol.

I know we’re certainly going to have fun with it. I don’t know if we can actually be photography buffs or anything, because that is going to be pretty expensive, but yeah, we’ll try to learn the ropes of taking good quality photos. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for more trips so we get to try this out in the real world. We hardly ever get to pamper ourselves with stuff and I saved up for this one as an early Christmas treat 🙂

I missed home

I’m back! Last night’s flight towards home must have been the longest waiting period for me. I’ve taken almost half a day flights before, which spanned two continents. But this time, the waiting was almost an agony as I continually checked the monitor in front of my seat of the number of hours and minutes until we land. Fourteen hours of sitting and fidgeting and being unable to sleep, another 2.5 hours of layover in Hongkong, and another 2 hours travel to Manila were pure torture as I was already so looking forward to seeing my husband and daughter after being away for only a week. I was so exhausted and felt all the energy draining away from me after running on adrenaline and sheer willpower the whole time I was in Vancouver for this unexpected business trip. Maybe the lack of sleep has gotten to me. Don’t get me wrong. I did enjoy it–the sights, the smells, the autumn feel, the whole Canadian experience. But I was working half the time and missing my family the other half. Then there were the controversies surrounding this whole thing. I couldn’t wait to go to home even as I stepped off the plane the minute I got there.

Will post more stories and of course, photographs soon. Am just savoring being close to the loves of my life again.

Before I leave

…I have packed my little family and deposited them at my mother’s over the weekend. Since this whole trip is very sudden, it has gotten me a little headache-y what with worrying about my daughter, of course. While I know that obviously she is in more than capable and loving hands of her father, I know it’ll be a little too hard for a man of the house to think of what food to prepare for the day, which clothes of Mischa’s to bring out, which bills to pay, etc. etc. I’m not being sexist here but it’s real life, I guess. Hubby knew how to live alone having done it for a couple of years before we got hitched. But somehow he has gotten used to a woman’s care in the house, especially now that there is a kid to boot. Plus I also don’t like the fact that he has no karamay when it comes to taking care of the critter who has gotten the habit of spinning like a top for hours on end (she has given toddle a whole new meaning). So despite the hassle of transporting a baby’s “essentials”, which by the way takes two cars to accomplish, we all uprooted ourselves and temporarily took shelter in Cavite again. Sometimes I feel good, sometimes I don’t. But it somehow gives me a sense of security knowing that father and daughter are not alone in the world. (a bit OA of me I know). The important thing is that somebody is looking after Mischa now that her mother is off for some work thousands of miles away and gallivanting (I wish). I only have to worry a wee bit.

I then spent some agonizing times as I watch my daughter sleep. I have left her for more than a day only twice in her lifetime. This is the third time but the distance will be the longest. I couldn’t jump on a plane and be there in an hour even if I wanted to. I will be more than half a day away. I couldn’t even begin counting the miles because it simply breaks my heart. Mommy will miss you again, my baby. Will miss your endless babbles, your kendeng which you learned recently but have mastered like a pro, your sweet smile, the scent of your head, your tiny hands that cling to me. I will miss so much more sweetie. But I will come back full of stories of my little adventure, and hope that one day, too, you will have your own. It will then be my time to be regaled with your tales. I will be there to urge you on as you go with wide-eyed awe, excited for your journey to begin. I will be the one to wave you goodbye. When that time comes, it will still be my heart who will get broken as I will watch you leave.

Does going away ever get better with time?

A Commotion

A lot of people at work has been sent to the throes of confusion and bewilderment in the last few days. For months now, top management has been working on organizing a huge conference for overseas Filipinos in Canada. I got involved only in drafting some of the speeches and presentations that my boss had to deliver but for the most part, I was out of the loop.

I also know that the people involved in the project were in some kind of tug-of-war. The reasons and details are too gory to tell. Hehe. But there have been much arguments and telenovela punchlines exchanged. Their face-offs could have made it to the silver screen. Some us witnessed the tennis game-like mode of the whole thing. We watched the back-and-forth tirades with mouths agape.

What happened next made everything topsy-turvy. My supervisor decided not to join the group a day before their scheduled departure. He turned the world upside down if you take into account the expenses involved. It became a huge catastrophe, what with returning, re-issuing and reallocating huge sums of money, tickets, bookings.

That was Tuesday. Then there came the moment for him to get replaced. It fell on my lap now to get my ass to Canada in 3 days time since the conference will be held on Saturday. Our admin has been in a frenzy ever since–trying to get my passport, visa, ticket and allowance in order so that I can fly in time for the event. At the moment, we are at the mercy of the consuls at the Canadian Embassy if they would issue my much needed visa.

I would love to go to Canada. Traveling is always a wonderful experience, local or abroad. I always look forward to being in a new place, meeting new people, seeing a whole new environment. But this time, I was sort of ginulat and nagulantang that I still can’t find it in my heart to get excited. I am not prepared. I had to make plans for my daughter, and transfer them to my parents house for a while. Several kids’ birthdays, a baptism and a visit from balikbayan relatives are coming up in the next two weeks that I will surely miss. I don’t even know when I’m leaving or where I’m going exactly as the schedule of the team who has left varies from day to day. It’s too much to take in right now. I hope to see some light tomorrow.

Mico’s Red Crab Birthday

We almost didn’t get to celebrate his 30th because of the amount of workload he has at the moment. But I surmise he didn’t want it to let it go by without the whole family together. And wouldn’t want to pass up the opportunity to spend time with the little one, of course.

I was actually looking forward to dining in The Red Crab. Unfortunately, they were working on something when we went there last weekend that had the whole place reeking of varnish. So we had to troop to nearby Flying Pig (again) to sit there but still ordered RC’s offerings anyway. Didn’t get to enjoy it though. Mischa was making herself a handful again by grabbing and throwing things on the table. Had to let the hubby finish eating first before I could have a go on my own. Needless to say, it was done in a huff. Sigh! The things that you miss (eating quietly and unhurriedly)!

Tito Sam went with us pala. He and Mischa have this love-hate relationship going. lol.

see? konti lang nakain ko? lmao.