the hubby’s birthday weekend

my M turned 28 last saturday.  while we celebrated, we also remembered that it has been a year since we practically lived on adrenaline as we fought the ravage of ondoy.  we were luckier than most who lost families, properties and selves.  nevertheless, it became a year of moving on and forward for many filipinos whose lives were marked by the tragedy.  we said a little prayer for them.

on a happier note, the hubby has had / will have a series of celebrations.  last week, my folks came over to bring food and goodwill.  i think it was just an excuse to visit mischa, but we appreciate it anyway 🙂

on his actual birthday, the three of us joined another celebration as a good friend’s daughters had joint parties, which deserves a separate post.  para kaming naki-ride sa ibang party hihihi. after that, we went strolled around the mall, which was great since it felt good to walk around and window shop when you’re not in a hurry and you’re not buying groceries. on the way home, this happened.

sunday was spent with my family (again) at eastwood mall.  had a really sumptuous (but seriously purse denting) feast at the flying pig and blufish (they had a crossover menu).  we all shared platters of crabs, ribs, sausages and basmati rice.

the pork barrel

king's platter

crab marites (sooo yummy)

the little girl had fun running around.  the wide space was a nice change from the living room that she was used to in exercising her little legs.  we were a little afraid she would topple over the water because she was always making a beeline for it.

happy birthday love! (permit me to be cheesy for once). i hope i never forget to tell you how lucky i am, and how complete i am now. i hope and pray all the time that we have our hearts’ desires, especially in raising this little family we have. i promise to hold your hand all the time, i hope you won’t let go of mine. 🙂

birthday boy

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