no more of the icky-ness

just a quick post on a realization i had today.  on the way home from a party/day at the mall, the baby vomited spectacularly.  it was a good 30-minute drive from home pa, and we both got drenched in sick.  it’s good that she had a spare change of clothes (although i didn’t).  it was such a pity to see her retching, and of course, i began worrying that something was wrong with her tummy.  i fed her some from the buffet and i almost got sick with the thought that i might have given her something that would upset the little tummy but then again, it was about 7 hours later.  and i really thought that i little rice and pancit would not do her any harm.

anyhow, after regurgitating what seemed like all 80z of the milk she drank some 30 minutes ago, she was ok. as soon as we reached the house, she was playing with the new set of toys she got.  it was like it was just another day in the office for her while the dad and helper had to hose down the interior of the car.

and then somehow it hit me that i no longer find things like this icky.  we ladies are usually squeamish about goo, bad smells, and whatnots.  before, i find it totally disgusting, not to mention stomach-turning when kids throw up in public buses.  i, myself, used to have motion sickness, and i so hated the smell and the feeling that vomiting leaves you.  but now i really understood that when you become a mom, you no longer find yourself wrinkling your nose in disgust or even bothered by unpleasant bodily fluids of another creature on your self.  i  prepared myself for changing diapers and wiping snot but it was really something else when you have sick literally on your torso and extremities.  i even stupidly tried to catch her vomit as it went on a projectile onto the floor (i really don’t know why i did that).  and i didn’t even flinch.  all i thought during that time was, i wanted to soothe mischa’s tummy and hoped that the dizziness she must be feeling will pass quickly.

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