that b*tch

as i am a public servant, young and idealistic (still, though not as much as when i started), i believe in truly reaching out to the needy ones in our society.  since  i deal directly with beneficiaries of assistance from benevolent overseas filipinos, i thought i have seen and met people of all kinds, sizes, tribes, age, religion, gender and gender preference, social status, intelligence, etc. etc.  i thought of them as grateful, patient and humble people, having been chosen and given a chance to improve their lot.  in this age where our government, sadly, falls short of providing necessary social services, every but of help that we can get is truly godsend.  and those that are fortunate enough to receive this, well, should not be anything but thankful.  i’m not trying to be high and mighty here, but considering that they belong to the lower strata of the financial community, i would have thought that receiving help from others would merit a little humility from them.

boy i was wrong.

in the last couple of weeks, i was harassed by this girl/woman and her mother who was supposed to receive a check as reimbursement for her school supplies for the semester.  this is part of the terms of her scholarship grant being funded by a group of filipinos in washington, dc, and being managed by our agency.  while i am coordinator of the program and we serve as liaison between donor and beneficiary, i do not expect them to actually thank me for the money did not come from me.  still, this did not warrant them being intentionally rude and outright garapal when things went haywire due to their own negligence and belligerence.  for one, as a beneficiary of any assistance program, doesn’t one ought to make an effort to get the money themselves?  but these people are actually annoyed that they have to come to the office to pick up the check and encash it at the bank! and then being a no-show on the agreed time and date so she can be assisted at the bank since she’s a minor and only has her school ID to show.  turns out, the freakin ID isn’t even signed making it invalid to the bank!  for the love of me, i can’t figure out how she can present an unsigned ID to claim money (oh, being young and ____ i guess).  and then, get this, blaming me and sending me all sorts of text messages, to wit:

“umuwi po kaming walang napala. pasensya na po pero naiinis ako. kung alam ko lang na ganito ang mangyayari, sana di na lang ako pumunta.” (i did away with the actual jejemon spellings because i cannot bear for them to be in my blog.)

and then the mother texting me this:

“pasensya na po na nakapagbitiw ng mga salita ang anak ko pero kasalanan nyo pa yan.”

notice they even had the gall to use po (a sign of respect in filipino culture) and say pasensya (pardon) only to insult me in the end.

not to mention the ruckus they created at our admin and finance office, muttering irately about how nakakainis we are and then banging the main door in their effort to show how displeased they are. have they forgotten they are dealing with professional people or an institution? they must have thought they were just in a tussle with their neighbor? the way they were ranting, you would have thought they were dealing with sq___. or is it just the way they deal with others, rude, unthinking and uncivilized? and all because they couldn’t claim money?

now, i do understand their frustration since they came all the way from a different part of the metro and that, considering money is hard to come by, spending on fare and then going home empty-handed is indeed frustrating. but it still doesn’t excuse their uncouth behavior. worse, it doesn’t give them the right to confront me and our cashier by sending all those messages. a little humility and tolerance would not have hurt them.

i would have had more compassion and kindness for her knowing she needs the extra money for her studies.  i’ve been in this job for almost a decade now, and my heart went out to every person/family/barangay that i have met especially after i’ve seen their plight.  but she and her mother are a completely different breed.

now, that girl has lost the scholarship after we have reported the incident to her donor. the latter said they were not proud to have an ungrateful beneficiary to their rolls.

after receiving notice of the termination, the father threatened to have the signed agreement looked over by a lawyer and would take legal action against us. nobody daw can terminate a scholarship based on “discourtesy”. that made my daw dropped about a meter. wtf. i don’t want to sound mayabang or anything, but what the heck. if they had money to pay lawyer fees, what was the fuss all about for the check that costs php3,000+? wake up folks! the donor has spoken: they don’t want you anymore!

these people are just difficult to the core!

it really shouldn’t matter to me, doesn’t even deserve a space in this blog.  but i am just fuming mad!  the nerve!

2 thoughts on “that b*tch

  1. I guess it just boils down to how we were raised and how much education played a role in our upbringing. And unfortunately politeness doesn’t come naturally to a lot of us, ha ha.. Sorry you had to go through this when you were trying to help!
    Btw, I am interested in the italicized words in your piece, Filipino language? Don’t mind my ignorance.. 🙂

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