nth long weekend for the year

we spent another lazy, long but fulfilling weekend.  the whole muslim community is celebrating the end of ramadan, much like we christians and catholics spend christmas.  we are one with them.  like everything else in this world, it’s just a matter of respect and love for fellow human beings.  i am not into fundamentalism though.  and the atrocities that this creates among people of different cultures, gender, religion, nationalities, etc.  it’s just horrendous.  i am all for world peace despite not being a beauty contestant.  haha.

anyhow, my long weekend was spent in the company of the two most important people in my life (and our inday).  it was all quiet on the homefront save for mischa’s occasional screaming when she doesn’t get her way (read: being put inside her crib when all of us need to do something around the house).  at one point last saturday, she banged her head real hard on our bedroom wall for no reason at all that left her crying for a long and us panicking to death.  thank god, she seemed okay enough but we had to observe her for a while to see if it would produce adverse effects.  apart from that mishap, i couldn’t tell much except we were just a regular family on a regular day.  i couldn’t put into words the peace and love that flowed all around.  i was home, just like my heart was.  though this particular weekend is not consequential in terms of special activities, i thoroughly enjoyed it. basically, my weekend was spent being a slave cook (tried out two new dishes), and playing and running after a 15-month old that left me spent.  but we got to at least  sleep in a bit late (emphasis on bit as i still got up at 5:30 am because mischa was already awake by then) run our errands at the wet market and supermarket, have naps, give our daughter baths, watch tv, do a little fixing around the house, etc. at a leisurely pace.

and as always, i continue to marvel at how fast my daughter is growing.  i love watching her toddle around, play alone, make pa-cute.  i wonder when my wonder would cease.  almost all the time this past weekend, i keep on saying on how she looks like a lady now, and not a baby anymore.

it was simple and joyful.

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