my dad’s birthday celebration @ bagoong club

the family had dinner at the bagoong club in quezon city a day after my dad’s actual birthday. food was good.  they actually serve everything else aside from dishes made of bagoong.  the ambiance was also great, like being in your own home being served with comfort foods.

my babe was in such high spirits even late into the night (late for her anyway, way past her bedtime).  tried feeding herself all throughout dinner.  so proud 🙂

one of those cozy nights with my whole family together.  i think mama’s heart is jumping ecstatically for joy.

mischa: "hmm what to order?"

the fam

weird pose

bagoong and rizal

trying my hand at dinner

crispy pork binagoongan


labong (which i didn't touch)


calamansi torte

tablea mousse

fishes which mischa liked

pointing at the fishes

tito ninong and mischa goofing

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