i don’t have the exact translation of the word namimintana, but roughly, it’s an act where somebody literally just stands by the window (or sits under) to stare, to observe, to look at the goings on, etc. you get the drift. my daughter has taken to moving the curtains and peeking out the window, mainly when other kids go out in the afternoons to play and their sounds of merriment reaches her. but sometimes, even when the street is quiet, she goes and leans and just stares. at passersby, at birds and cats, watching out for passing airplanes or cards.  for the rest, i could only imagine.  it’s really hard to fathom a one-year old”s mind these days. one minute, she’s jolly, the next playful, the next irritated. but i quite like looking at her when’s into this:

i find it so cute.

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