while my credit cards, bills in particular, oftentimes give me headaches, my recent use of them gave me something to cheer about.  i knew hubby and i made a pact not to use our plastic money save for emergencies, but it has been put to good use in last couple of months.  (i think i may be sick, is chronic usage a sign of an illness?).  thanks to hsbc anyhow, we got to have free starbucks coffee and rebates everytime we load up on gas at caltex stations.  whoopee!  i just have to pay as soon as we spend credit so as not to fall back into our previous state of virtual credit card debt.  we had a little breathing room thanks to good ol’ mico.

sometimes i envy those who can spend and spend, and have the littlest care in the world, and not have to watch where all your money goes.  oh well, i’m blessed in more ways than one so it’s just a teeny, tiny snag in our lives.  there are more important things in life than money.  i should just be grateful we are living comfortably albeit a little tight at the moment.

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