beautiful camiguin

posting pictures of side trips made in camiguin.  too bad i was starting to get sick by the time we came onshore.  i showed a little less enthusiasm than i would normally allude especially when placed in the vicinity of a sun-kissed beach.  i could’ve have jumped for joy considering we were under a small deluge of rainshowers in misamis oriental, the sun and sea should have brought more cheer but i was going under the weather myself then.

camiguin was breathtaking but i was too sick to notice, and i feel so sorry for the lost chance to appreciate the place deeply.  well, i sure hope i get the chance someday to come back, and do my rounds better.

about to board the ferry

the island province was so near, we could see it in the distance even if we haven't left the port yet

entering the ardent hot springs, just at the foot of mt. hibok-hibok

the water is soothing, perfect for an early night swim

my two companions relaxing

the pool at our first hotel where we took a dip the night before

us under a gazebo

sunrise at white island. we got up specially at 5am to be able to see this.

the mainland is just 10 minutes away

the sun has risen a bit higher

posing for posterity


feet and footwear

pretty ladies

going back

boat ride

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