tv overload

in the last few days that i was held captive at home by pneumonia, i spent more time glued on the boob tube than in the last two years or so.  i used to stay parked in front of the tv when i was still single, preferring the solitary restful pace of it over going out at night or on weekends.  don’t get me wrong, i like being with friends and family, too.  but most of the time, i savor the alone-ness of it all when you don’t have to bother about conversation and worrying about keeping appearances.  i could have won the couch potato of the year award year after year.  it wasn’t all tv though.  i love just hanging out in my room all day, all night, with a good book and a cold drink in hand, or turning up my pc.

all that of course changed when i finally moved out of our house to live with hubby late in 2008.  it was different when you have a household to run.  also, we didn’t get cable so it was just a deluge of local channels with boring and baduy shows on.  i had to do away with my “me” time.  how could i follow my shows when there is an overeager and uberly charming little package demanding attention?  who could have thought that that little bundle of joy is enough to keep one occupied during her waking hours, and even in slumber?

anyway, the last few days saw me having my fair share of watching tv again, this time with my little girl in tow.  i know many moms would frown on this–having your toddler stay to watch tv.  but if it saves about 15 minutes of your sanity, or it allows you to fix that quick meal, or a few things around the house, why not indulge a bit?  well, to each her own.  we each have our own ways of coping with motherhood and your household, and i don’t think this makes me a bad mother anyhow.  a mother also wishes she has two extra pairs of hands, eyes, ears and whatnots.  what i’m really most concerned about mischa watching tv is her picking up things, like foul language, wrong grammar and horrendous diction.  things that can be watched out for anyway, with proper guidance and scrutiny.  i think we’re gonna have to have that cable installed soon so she can keep up with disney and nickelodeon though.

these what kept me hooked in the previous days:

i watched these with the whole country.  i was one with the filipino people as the nation sat gripped in horror and trepidation monday night as a wrongly-accused former police officer tried to get his the philippine government to listen to his side of the story.  it was too, too bad this all ended up in misery, confusion and eventually, death and destruction.  everybody involved–the police, the media, all got it wrong.  i wanted to bang mike enriquez’ head and the whole of gma news team for that unceasing coverage that led to the deterioration of talks and the diskarte of the rescuing team (which by the way, managed to botch its own efforts in taking control of the situation).  it was useless and the only achievement the coverage made was to sensationalize the whole thing, instead of keeping lives safe.  the media and the networks made their choice, and it didn’t bode well that they value their probable ratings more everything just went up in flames, and now two nations, the philippines and hongkong, where the tourist-hostages are from, are mourning the losses.

now for the second part, i, along with the rest of the country, cheered, as venus raj, sashayed and wowed the crowd during the ms. universe 2010.  even mischa was clapping as she was called for the top 15, then top 10, and finally the top 5.  we all thought she was actually going to bag the crown.  until william baldwin asked that question, and venus opened her mouth to gush and virtually giggled her way through.  sigh!  her chances flew out the window.  i visibly cringed as she fought through her nervousness, and thank the heavens as soon as it was over.  oh well, she did better than most of our filipino contestants have done in the past decade.  if only she can “major, major” do it again!

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