of another hiatus

this month has been one of the slowest of my blogging life, not counting the time 1) i gave birth; and 2) wordpress has been declared by our internet police as “too personal” thereby blocking it for months.  nonetheless, this time, my prolonged missing-in-action mode were due to my weeklong business trip to mindanao the second week and then my fever cum persistent cough, which i tried to ignore balled into big time pneumonia.  yep, that’s right.  i almost landed myself into the hospital for not minding my more than a week cough.  last week, i had the gall to go to work for two days even if i was barking like a dog.  my colleagues were all advising me to rest and get off work.  inwardly, i think they were afraid of catching my virus.  lol.  i really don’t know what i was thinking, or what i was trying to prove.  anyhow, when i went home thursday night, my fever shot up to 38.6, and i slept on the floor to keep what little virus i could away from the bed and mischa, covered from the neck down with a blanket to keep the cold out.  my spit had blood on it, and so it was hello doctor it is.  after waiting for an eternity at the manila east medical center, the internist looked me over, listened to my symptoms, ordered tests, declared me sick, and wanted to confine me.  i so kindly refused, all the while already calculating the costs of room, meds and PFs that will seriously dent our already stretched budget.  nonetheless, i inquired about what my confinement will entail and thought of managing my illness at home (which i have been doing for years for my asthma anyway so i was not without practice.  i would know if i really need the hospital).  the doctor told me she would want to be on top of my medication (which was 3x a day, a very small feat), and can request the use of a nebulizer in case i needed it.  my practicality won, and we went home to buy the antibiotics she’s prescribed.  asked mama to bring my own nebulizer, which i haven’t had to use in, i think, a decade.  which was also great news, for i have become fairly dependent on the equipment before when i have had regular bouts of asthma or allergies.  anyway, i was put on zithromax (which cost a fortune by the way), and i’ve begun to feel better.  i wasn’t coughing as much, and i could hold and take care of mischa again, which i purposely didn’t do for two whole days, and pained my more than the physical illness, especially when she tried to reach out for me.  my parents went there (against my wishes again, of course, when did they ever listen), and i spent half the time i was off work trying not to get too stressed out over their presence.  their obsessions over my daughter, especially my father, is getting unnerving, not to mention creepy.  if i had to get help again from them, i wish it was only my mom coming there.  and it is very seldom that i ask them to go there because i know of the anxiety it would bring me.  i hope that they wouldn’t pull the health thing of my dad over my head whenever they want to get their way with mischa.

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