in sickness and in health

the hubby and i have been saddled with the flu virus since the weekend, and we’ve been cooped up in the house ever since.  what a way to a reunion after being away from each other for a week.  my cough and colds started halfway into my travel to northern mindanao, and i tried my hardest to keep up with our activities (official or not), all the time feeling lethargic while keeping myself from coughing my lungs out.  mischa got sick at home, too.  you could say we were all bitten by the bug.  thank god my mother in law was there to take care of her so i didn’t worry myself too much, although i kept wishing it was i, her mother, who was taking care of her and comforting her when she couldn’t sleep.  the past few days was kept taking care of all three of us.  even if my folks wanted to be there, my dad also had to undergo a battery of tests for a continued stomachache.  he’s due for a colonoscopy tomorrow, which we hope would yield no negative results.

we should take care of ourselves better.  i, especially, always have in mind that my daughter is very, very young, and she needs a fit and healthy mother who will take care of her all the time.

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