not a good start

sigh.  it’s off to a bad start, on a monday that is, and the first working day of the month.  it seems like a really bad omen.  for one, the hubby and i were late by four freakin’ minutes.  we left early enough, but no shuttle was available to take us to the train so we took the bus instead.  while it would bring us to the same destination, it was excruciatingly slow and picked up passengers from almost every street corner we passed.  not even corners i guess, but it stopped to let people in anywhere it wanted to, even in the middle of the road.  second, my travel to the far-off but exotic provinces of camiguin island and misamis will be chaperoned by a big boss.  while my companions and i have braced for work ahead, we couldn’t of course let the chance go by without us exploring the convenient beaches and other places of interests in the area.  now who could do that with one of your bosses in tow?  third, and hopefully the last, i was called to witness the berating of two younger colleagues.  i really couldn’t figure out what the hell i was doing there.  was told that i should help them with something they were apparently working on.  i just wasn’t counting on them being shamed in front of me. tsk tsk.. i couldn’t stand it.  it’s as bad as if i was the one being put on the spot.  i hope the day ends on a good note.

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