for a change

my mother-in-law is staying with us for the next fortnight or so.  we don’t see much of her, nor my father-in-law, for they are based in the province of cagayan, some 10-12 hours by bus from manila.  in the last two years that hubby and i have been together, we’ve only seen them a few times: the first time he brought me home to meet them in june 2008, the pamamanhikan in october, during our wedding in january 2009, when mama went to the united kingdom in march, mischa’s baptism in august, her 1st birthday last june, and a host of other occasions.  it’s one of the sad facts of our family life, that hubby’s family is so far away, and i always lament the fact that mischa is not as close to them as they are to other grandchildren.  i have always wanted to stake her claim in place of her cousins.  almost all of them were taken cared of by mama old (as all the apos fondly call her) at any given time.  i always wish for mischa to be as close to her father’s side of the family as much as with mine.  they are her family, too, albeit bigger.  i want her to feel their love and on few occasions, their indulgence.

so we were mightily pleased that my mother-in-law came to manila for a medical check up and decided to stay for a few more weeks to take care of the bulilit.  it coincided with my leaving for week-long travel to the southern part of the country, so i didn’t have to worry as much during my absence.  (of course i would still worry.  i will not be mischa’s mom if i didn’t).  but it made my going away just a tad easier.  i still couldn’t wait to get home fast enough even though i haven’t actually left yet.  i just hope mischa’s warms to her easily enough.  i don’t want her grandma to get offended as she is in a stage right now that she’s a bit afraid of strangers.  of course, mama old is not a stranger but to mischa, she’s someone new, and it would take a little getting used to before she fully trusts a new caretaker.  the day we went to get mama old from hubby’s sister in quezon city, she had a little crying fit but eventually let her carry her and play with her.  this morning was another trying time as mischa clung to me as soon as she saw her.  i was in a loss, i really didn’t know whether to continue holding her because i could feel her anxiety or sort of force her to go with mama old, again hesitant and didn’t want to get on her wrong side.  thankfully, hubby took care of the ‘situation’, and when i went down after doing my bathroom stuff to get ready for work, mischa was in mama old’s arms, looking at the birds in the garden.  it won’t be long before they are the best of friends.  secretly, i am hoping mischa ends up the favorite 🙂

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