late bloomer

when it came to the twilight series that is.  i finally caved in to the prodding of one of my colleagues who gave me pdf files of the books and pirated versions of the first two movies (i might burn in hell for all the piracy i’m going through).  i know it’s been, like 5 years, ever since the first book came out, and like the harry potter series (which i love to death!), became a hit across genres and generations.  i’ve snubbed it for some time, thinking that it’s just a good read for adolescent girls, and wondered why on earth friends and officemates older than me have gone ga-ga over it.  i thought it was just the good looks of robert pattinson aka edward cullen or the gorgeous body of taylor lautner aka jacob black or the sweet innocence that seem to spew out of kristen stewart aka bella swa, i don’t know.  right now, i’m willing to try my hand at it.  i opted to first watch the movie, then read the book later.  i spared myself the disappointment i had with the dan brown and harry potter films because i was expecting a lot, having knowledge about the contents of the books.  thank god mischa spared me the needed couple of hours so that i could watch and actually enjoy eclipse in peace, while she drifted off to her nap.  now, on to the book…

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