basyang and the blackout

we were it at again the midnight of tuesday.  we knew from a forecast that we were expecting a storm to come our way but as always, it caught us by surprise.  or maybe it was the whole experience with ondoy that i haven’t quite shaken off.  i guess i was just a little on the edge of my seat again when i was browsing the news online and saw that signal no. 2 is raised in our little town of taytay.  my thoughts again are on my daughter and that she is alone with yaya.  but it wasn’t raining that hard so i think i slowly let our my breath little by little.  we even had time to make a detour at the grocery so that we could stock up on food.  so we got to bed, hoping somehow that we could get in some winks.  i did.  and then woke up with a start to the howling winds outside the house.  it sounded like roofs were being ripped off the houses, and trees being uprooted.  we turned off the airconditioning unit, and listened, all senses alert for the slightest changes in the air and weather.  we are now so eternally afraid of water and typhoons, having had to deal with floodwaters inside our elevated house with a baby in tow.  i never, ever wanted to relive that moment again.  that night, it didn’t help that power went out just after midnight.  thank god for rechargeable fans!  and thank the heavens it was just winds (but strong at that!), and only little rain.  but the next day, with no electricity yet, i just couldn’t find the will to go to work.  i was so worried about mischa.  our landline phone, which was wireless, gave up on us and yaya telling me she had no load, sealed my decision to stay at home.  it was uneventful since the storm has already gone, having had its fill of stopping by for only a couple of hours.  but there was no freakin’ power the whole day!  i had to fan mischa like crazy almost the whole day.  she couldn’t take her nap, i guess, because of the heat.  i didn’t want to use up the rest of the power left in the rechargeable fan because in my mind, we needed it more at night, and electricity was nowhere in sight.  there was nothing to it but bring out the trusty abaniko and, by the end of the day, my right hand was a little numb.  she kept on waking up every time i take a little rest from fanning her, resulting in a fitful sleep, thus, making her a little cranky.  she also had a little sumpong, with her literally clinging on to me, and did not want to be put down in her playpen.  i felt for her as i knew her rashes are itching like crazy because of the additional heat she had to endure.  she also had the look like she was naliligo sa pawis the whole day with her hair sticking to her forehead and neck.  if only i could explain to her why she was uncomfortable.  it was quite a tiring day as i also had to cook all the raw meat in the freezer for fear of letting it spoil.  had to run to the supermarket to buy liquid sterilizer for all her bottles.  it didn’t help that cellular phone signal was low, my battery was low, and had a hard time communicating with hubby, who later told me how hellishly hot the office was.  we had dinner and did everything else by candlelight.  we tried sleeping and comforting a sleepy and sweaty baby, with hubby and i alternating on the fan, the rechargeable fan conking out on us after an hour use.  you couldn’t imagine our happiness at 11pm when power was finally restored.  hay, the downside of being a parent (but which i would over and over for my kid(s)).  i just don’t want to deal with the constant worrying.

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