baby lorenzo

i missed holding on to a tiny baby like this:

i got a bit doubtful, and thought i wouldn’t know how to carry a newborn anymore.  baby lorenzo was featherlight in my arms!  well, after carrying my 22 lb. daughter for the longest time, nanibago ako.  born on june 30 shortly after president noynoy aquino was sworn in at noon, i actually kidded my kumare ic and predicted that she will give birth on that day despite that her due date was some 9 days away.  i envied that she delivered the normal way, and for only a couple of hours at that.  he was a bigger and heavier baby than mischa by about 400 grams, and longer by 5 cms.

mischa was trying to pull at him while on the bed, and was, i think, fascinated by the look of him lying and sleeping.

welcome to the world baby!

2 thoughts on “baby lorenzo

  1. oh my gosh, i now belong in a mommy’s blog! thanks for this piece tita marie! this’ll be a cute memory to show to the 2 once they’ve grown. looking forward to playdates soon!

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