are we ready for an ading?

in my husband’s province, an ading is the bunso, a younger (or the youngest) sibling in the family.  with much talk about this topic, along with birth control, child spacing and other whatnots in my online community, it does get me thinking about our readiness to have one at this juncture in our lives.  i have been more adamant than hubby in ensuring that we won’t have pregnancies at the moment.  frankly, he has been cavalier to say the least.  not that he wants to be irresponsible or anything (he is far from that), but that he is really excited at the prospect of having a boy, being the man that he is.  considering that mischa has recently turned 1, i can’t say that i am not thinking about it.  also, a close friend recently gave birth and i’ve seen babies younger than mischa and i admit that i somehow miss the feeling of holding a teeny one in my arms.  much as i hate to admit it, mischa is really a toddler now, and no longer the helpless creature that i can just leave on her cot or on our bed without fearing for her safety.  true to her age, mischa is now officially a kiti-kiti curious about everything and anything.

anyway, if only pure desire and a whole lot of love are the prerequisites for having a child, i would gladly give in right now, and have that second baby in a flash.  but then again, we don’t have the rosiest financial situation right now and that’s the biggest consideration we face.  no matter how we say we’re ready to be parents again emotionally and physically, it is sad that our resources are keeping us from bringing another child into this world.  but we can definitely wait.  and i’ve said in previous posts, i am really hopeful that the change in our government would entail a better economy, better opportunities and a more comfortable life.  as it is, i am having a hard time budgeting our meager income, what with the constant increase in oil prices, electricity rates, which eventually redounds to increase in the prices of goods and products.  sigh!  i don’t know how much more we can stretch our resources but we will.  despite the recent increase in our salaries, life is just plain hard. and it would be unfair to mischa and future kid(s) if we insist on having other children if we can’t give them the kind of life that they deserve.

with all of these, i can honestly say that we can actually plan and prepare for baby no. 2’s coming as soon as we’re free of credit card debts, we’ve saved up a little, mischa’s nearing playschool, and we’ve got more legroom with our finances.  that’s next year, am keeping my fingers crossed.  i’m hoping it’s a boy!

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