an end to the first semester and summer

among other things, i did these shortly before i let go the first half of the year:

  • visited an old friend’s place after two years.  i know he’s not there anymore.  i remembered the good and bad times.  i hope you are happy onchie.  please watch over mischa, addie and nicole.  it was good seeing your mom and richard.  suffice to say, i think they were happy to see us too.  we haven’t forgotten, and will never, ever do.
  • watched as a new president was sworn in.  hope is in the air, i can smell it.  i pray with all my might that he will not let us down 1) by surrounding himself with ugly, nasty and selfish people 2) by thinking small 3) by listening to his baby sister.  god forbid if all she can contribute to the philippines is patting her kuya‘s back because he wore a nice polo today or was in a “good hair day”.
  • heard the good news that lorenzo is safely brought into this world by my kumare ic.  welcome kid.  just like the inauguration, it’s a new world for you.  i hope you kids grow up in a better place than us.
  • said goodbye to a person i didn’t think mattered that much to me.  it’s so cliche, but true, that you begin to value someone when you lose them or their presence.  i strangely feel it.  and he left meaningfully by standing up for our utility workers.  kudos!
  • been given a gold medal during the cfolympics.  yahoo!  this event will warrant a longer post.
  • transferred yet again.  sigh.  it’s like i don’t have any clout at all anymore.

what i didn’t (or wasn’t able) to do:

  • go swimming.  or go anywhere near a body of water.  bah 😦
  • had any prospect for professional growth.  no interviews, no calls, not even preliminary exams or the like, despite the numerous applications.  need i downplay my skills and qualities?
  • watch any movie at all.

still have a half year to catch up.  i hope to be more productive and not lag around so much.  i hate the feeling of being “lost”.

on a happier note, mischa has been doing these since she turned 1:

  • “beautiful eyes” (i really don’t know the “timeline” for this milestone nyahahaha.  she does it when her mouth opening and closing, too.  it’s just the cutest thing.
  • stick out her tongue when asked.
  • ask to be patted to sleep.
  • give you stuff when asked.
  • kiss with her mouth open.  i have yet to teach her to do it with more finesse.  lol.
  • say “ammmm” when she wants to eat.
  • point A LOT for the things she wants to hold.
  • began eating fish.
  • can identify cats and birds.
  • does away with her afternoon naps whenever daddy and i are home.

she has yet to walk alone though.

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