1st birthday photos

am posting some pictures taken during my bulilit‘s first birthday some two weeks back.  i know, i know!  i procrastinate.  i will take that up in my next new year’s resolution.  hihi.  kwentos and ratings here.

my little babe was quite matipid with her beautiful smile, which was a real sayang.  maybe all the attention lavished on her, and all eyes on her, made it all unnerving.  she was a bit overwhelmed thus the sumpong of this usually precocious and happy child.  but don’t worry, you’re still the prettiest thing ever, my princess 🙂

the birthday girl

with mama old and papa old

with lolo and lola

cupcake tower

one of the ladybug cakes

souvenir cupcakes

with ninang june

tito ninong

wide-eyed wonder

me 30 years ago

CFO friends


neighbors with yaya on the farthest left

bongga topper

the boys

and girls

my inaanak josh whom i saw for the 1st time after his christening some 3 years ago with kyle trying to hide

asleep, tired from everyone carrying and passing her around

xander, son of mischa's ninong jerome

host-magician, jester

games for moms and kids

fruit game

kids enjoying

the boys of pmd with manay

alaskador tito sam and tito ninong


magic show

the wacky team

funny tito nico. thanks for being a good sport!

ate zay participating in the show

the rabbit out of the box (or was it paperbag?)

pretty girls, darla and isha


blowing the candle

mom and mischa


mommy's side of the family

a small portion of daddy's

with ate lysa

with ninang len, tito rochelle, ate ianne and ate anne

trying her hand, in this case, feet, at independence

mom's college buddies, mischa's DDG aunts

2nd generation hollaback girls with tito frenz and dad

fam pic

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