then and now

yesterday we had the time of our lives celebrating the day mischa came to us (or at least me and hubby. lol).  we struggled a bit but we have her to be thankful, and everything we’ve done for the past year or so, have been for her.  it’s a long way from this:

to this:

as every parent i know would say, “how fast they grow!”  and indeed, it seems that the waiting time during my pregnancy, especially the last trimester, went longer than mischa’s first year.  as i’ve been constantly blabbering about in this blog, i cherished every second, and savored every milestone.

like any proud mother hen, it was like winning the lotto when her dad and i witnessed her first tentative steps a day before she turned one.  oh the pure joy!  too bad, we didn’t get to record it.  (update: meron pala, it’s here.)  nonetheless, it will be forever imprinted in my mind.

i will post more pictures and stories in the next few days or so.  i’m still waiting for photos from good friends because we had to give up hiring a professional photographer as budget would not permit it.

i’m just so over the moon that the best people in our lives were there to celebrate with her.  it just warms the heart that that much, and more, truly care for and love her.  it’s even more special that people just keep on saying that she’s my carbon copy.  nothing can beat that!

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