milk no more?

my daughter is on the verge of turning into a toddler in a fortnight.  raising her for 11 months, feeding and eating has never been a problem at all.  i successfully created a routine for drinking her milk and eating her solids, and trained all those around her (hubby, yaya, my folks) to follow these.  her weight gain is more than average but she was never in any danger of being overweight either.  i believe her proper eating habits also played a huge factor in her having a good sleeping pattern.  since she was on her second month, mercifully, she began sleeping through the night.  her dad and i are super duper thankful for this!  during the day, her naps vary, i guess depending on her mood, and lately, the heat.  don’t get me wrong, i am not very OC, nor would i want her to grow up OC. in fact, overly OC people drive me crazy.   i guess that was just my way of trying my hand at raising a good sleeper, and a good kid in general.  i tried  to do away with the fussiness in other ways than soothing with milk.  way, way before, after i’ve given birth, i never really believed in putting a bottle in a baby’s mouth every time it cries.  i always, always tried to figure out what mischa wanted. is she in need of rocking, cuddling?  is she cold?  hot?  does something hurt?  more often than not, it worked (whatever i wanted to do to soothe her).  and by the time i was about to leave for work after the maternity period, i had everybody in the household trained.  nonetheless, she drank her milk well, and ate everything i introduced to her, including a variety of fruits, vegetables, and the latest, beef.  while i feed her the usual cerelac (especially when i don’t have the luxury of time before going to work), i tried my hardest to prepare pureed beans, broccoli, cauliflower, sweet pea, and a whole lot of root crops.  she loves them all!

but we’ve been a little worried of late because she hasn’t been getting her usual intake of milk, instead finishes only about 4-5 oz. per feeding (that’s 3x a day).  but she’s gulping down lotsa water (which she didn’t like before).  i figure it’s the damn heat again (when will this heat wave going to end).  she’s been perspiring like crazy during the day when the aircon isn’t turned on.  at one time, she didn’t even drink a drop of the milk!  she kept on pushing out the nipple with her tongue, and the bottle itself and our hands whenever we tried to coax her into drinking.  oh what to do, what to do.  we’re all being very patient with her, adjusting her milk schedule, and encouraging her to drink it.  sigh!  i hope she doesn’t begin to become a picky eater.

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