those pearly whites

i’ve been advised to give mischa some scrubbing since most of her front milk teeth are in.  plus she’s been eating “real” food for several months now.  i tried to stall for a while since i know how fussy she is when touched in the face, or anywhere around her head (read: hair clips, nasal aspirator, etc.).  so i braced myself for a good ol’ kicking (figuratively) and head swiveling as soon as the infant toothbrush touches her mouth.  but no.  baby surprised me that she found delight in it.  yey!  i tried two kinds: the pigeon training toothbrush and the safety 1st thingie that you put on your finger.  it pained me a bit to see a few drops of blood when i used the pigeon brush.  that mighta been too hard on the gums.  (can i sue them?).  so it’s safety 1st then.  i didn’t use toothpaste just yet.  i don’t think it’s really needed anyway.  the thing is, to have her get used to the activity of brushing her teeth so that she gets used to it.  i’m so proud of her!  we’ll try the sanflou or pigeon toothpaste that’s supposedly safe to swallow.  (yeah, how do you teach a kid to spit out anyway).

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