damn meralco!

while we were anticipating the shock that we would be experiencing as soon as we receive our electricity bill for this month owing to the various complaints of people around me and my online communities, i was nevertheless jolted when i looked at it.  an increase of 100%?! what in the name of heavens did we do to deserve this?  lol.  granting it is summertime, and we are experiencing what could possibly be the hottest in my whole life, what with the temperatures rising to 38-39 degrees, i still feel that we did our share of trying to cut down usage of appliances.  although the increase is to be expected in the summer months, this billing is really crazy.  i know i’ve done ranting about this in this post but i can’t help muttering and mumbling loudly because of my displeasure.  i just had to write it.  i wish somebody would put some sense into meralco and all its affiliates responsible for generating/distributing electricity to the households and businesses.  they’re taking advantage of the need of consumers to be comfortable.  arrrggghhh!!!

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