mischa starts having a social life

this weekend, our little girl had a visit from mom’s old friend in college who had her two boys in tow.  they were 7 and 5, and were at the height of their hyperactive selves.  our little house became more boisterous than usual since, apart from mischa’s usual LOUD babbling and giggling, two little tykes running around with toy guns blazing aren’t exactly a recipe for peace and quiet.  mom and tita joan tried catching up amid the shrieks and mischa’s obvious delight, which made her crack up helplessly.  it was sooo much fun to watch!  my babe was obviously having the time of her life (at least until now) watching the kuya ethan and kuya nigel heckling.  no matter that they weren’t actually playing with her, she felt so at ease just being in the presence of happy people.  i think i’m raising a happy kid, hooray!

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