mini reunion with cousins

another long weekend just passed.  (where did all the time go?).  we feel so lazy going back to work monday.

on a happy note, we spent some time visiting mischa’s cousins in fairview where my sister-in-law and family live.  it was great seeing them, and for mischa to be socializing with her cousins.  hubby’s side of the family is bigger than mine so she has more playmates.  but of the ten grandkids, only 5 are here in manila, 3 are in cagayan and 2 in the UK.

i felt a little concern when she would sometimes wrestle, kick and pull the hair of toys.  i asked, what would happen if these were real kids?  would she pick on them, not really aware that they were supposed to be playmates?  oh man, i would be in real trouble if she starts hitting young kids because she doesn’t know how to interact properly with them.  i think she needs to mingle and have definite playtime with kids her age.  she’s around old people all the time.  people who dote on her, and of course, knows how to be gentle and playful with her.  kids and babies are an entirely different ballgame.  of course, she didn’t get to play much when she met her cousins but at least she got to see and laugh with them, even if she spent the better part being carried by me or daddy.  but the experience is great anyway.

one thing we learned though, it was so hard to get the kids in one frame.  each had their own palabas. some were intent on watching tv, others were crying.  but we did manage to get this snapshot.

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