two months to go

chocolate heaven - a wee bit too sweet for my taste

we keep on saying that time flies soooo fast when you’re having fun.  i can’t believe it’s just two measly months before mischa’s natal day.  has it been a year already?  we got a little stalled with planning her birthday and i promise to pick up the slack soon.  i wouldn’t want to be caught by surprise that the big day is almost at the door.

above is the cake i almost didn’t get to buy because we went home a late because of the sportsfest at the office.  i insisted on passing by the bakeshop despite the lateness of the hour.  her monthly birthdays before the first year is a must, and i will go to the ends of the earth to make sure she celebrates it.  lol.

my little girl is growing leaps and bounds, far too fast for my liking.  the time for her independence is almost here.  by independence i meant she would would most likely squirm in my arms and insist that she be on her own feet.  i mustn’t complain that it’s almost like having a workout when i bring up especially up and down the stairs–akin to the feeling of carrying dumbbells.  my days are counted.

oh, and in the past month, she can now shake her head no, throw terrific tantrums much to my chagrin, and clap her hands in delight.  her pearly whites now number five, and counting.

here are her other pictures taken over the holy week.

i swear sometimes she looks like a boy save for the earrings.  i wonder why her hair’s stopped growing.  she had a large number when she came out this world.

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