it was a relatively ordinary day for the two of us.  woke up a little earlier than usual because we wanted to beat the early morning rush.  as was customary, gave mischa her morning bottle, played a little with her, did our thing, no breakfast because of the ongoing herbalife program, went out while dawn hasn’t broken yet.  it was our usual trek to the office.  left at 5:20 a.m., punched in at 6:20 a.m.  whoa!  because hubby wanted to try out his driving without the hassle of dodging too many cars on the road.  yeah i know it’s nothing special to other people but it’s a new thing for us regular commuters, bringing our own car to work.  this is the first, yes, of him bringing me somewhere so far from home after he had driving lessons almost a year ago.  yeah of course, i was nervous.  i said my prayers as we left the haven of our home, waving to mischa as we sped off.  i had to keep myself from gripping the sides of my seat.  i gritted my teeth and ignored the almost swiping swerves hubby made.  i had to be supportive you know.  he will return the favor when it’s my turn.  i know (and hated) the feeling of having someone almost hovering above you giving instructions, making you lose your own diskarte.  so i just sat there and made small talk while he tried his best to concentrate on the road.  i gave gentle reminders, is all.  can’t help myself.  because i don’t want to be like mama, who i swear, is the worst passenger one could have.  if i were my dad, i think i’d just give the wheel to her haha.  he just made a glitch parking the car in front of the office.  but not bad at all.  our kumpadre even jokingly told us to have an early start and make some allowance for spending time at the police station.  what a riot!

so i survived!  but i mustn’t count my chickens yet.  we still have to get home in one piece.

on the whole, i was really happy that finally, we broke ground with this.  i was mentally planning the trips we can now make as a family, going to malls, having picnics, going on roadtrips to nearby tagaytay, subic and even faraway places.  yay!  the immense possibilities!  we don’t have to leave mischa all the time anymore!

which also reminds me that i have to get my own driver’s license.  it’s been expired since my birthday of 2007.  i dunno if i will just wait out till may, my next birthday or renew it now.  decisions, decisions.

in other news, i, along with some colleagues, were interviewed by another layer of the bureaucracy, the highest one at that.  this is turning out really weird. never has he personally screened applicants for hiring nor promotion.  boy, i didn’t think this is for the presidency of the land we were being nominated for.

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