to continue or not continue

so i have been involved in the 5-day trial wellness program of herbalife. after five days of not eating breakfast while suffering as hubby eats the regular hotdogs, longganizas, eggs, rice, etc., i survived! whew. didn’t know i had it in me to be completely disciplined about it and not have one cheat at all. yey, i’m so proud of myself. i just drank a glass of water and had my protein shake as soon as the herbalife representatives get here, which is pretty good actually. on the third day, after coaching us on the proper steps and making our shakes, they let us do our thing. we experimented with the flavors and fruits they offer but i like the choco-banana, which is really something because i don’t eat bananas because i don’t like the taste in my mouth. but i love it in shake form. and i also love the wild berry and watermelon combi.

so after the trial period, i registered these:

  • weight (i need to lose 24 lbs. overall) – from 123.2 to 121.2
  • waistline – from 92 cm. to 91 cm.

am not happy with the body and visceral fat analysis though.  and my water content even went down from the ideal.  so need to work those out.  but am quite happy with the results.  not bad at all for five days.

the question now is whether to continue with the program or not.  primary consideration is, it would entail additional expense on my part since have to buy their stuff (aloe concentrate and green tea extract for toxin removal, and protein shake concentrate).  it would do a lot of good if i continue though.  for how long, i don’t know.  signed up again for another week which would cost me a measly 500 bucks but let’s see if my results would continue to get better.  managed to sign up hubby too.  he wanted to join the program but didn’t have the chance on the first day because of his schedule.  at least it’ll be more bearable because we’re in it together and i don’t have to salivate on what he eats for breakfast 🙂

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