baby steps to weight loss

for someone who has been conscious about her weight and round physique, i just sat around and somehow waited for a miracle to take place. lol. hubby is sorta bugging me to lose some of my post-pregnancy bulge. i am not one of those slim nor hourglass types. i am unfortunately blessed with a weird figure. read: no hips, small butt, big boobs, and with the constant bilbil. with my small stature, this was not to my advantage. i have very slow metabolism, and whatever i have eaten are sure to feel comfortable and settle round my middle. too bad. i envy those girls who can eat and eat to their hearts’ content without gaining any inconvenient ounce.

plus, exercise may be just a speck in my distant past. i remember not so long ago when cheng and i became the great gym buddies in an aerobics class not too far from here. i was also an athlete in my younger years but that’s it. i could endure the sweat but not the loss of breath. exercise then became an impossible dream. one, i don’t have the time. between mischa and work, i’m lucky to even watch my favorite shows. it’s a blessed relief to have free time on my hands away from the kitchen on weekends that i’d rather curl up and catch up on two, i don’t have the extra cash to go to the gym and invest in clothes. i know it’s really mababaw but there. three, i don’t have the discipline. again, i’d rather catch some zzzzzssss than wake up at an ungodly hour to even just jog around the neighborhood.

i so cannot do a diet. i love food period.

we don’t have the big bucks for any laser treatment that could take the layers of fat off in an instant.

so when opportunity came, i grabbed it. along with several colleagues, i signed up for a 5-day trial program of herbalife where all we had to do was not take breakfast and drink their conconction instead. this will suit me just fine. the goal is to lose weight by ingesting the right nutrients that your body needs to start the day. no more carbo, no more sugar, no more empty calories. this is my second day today and i just salivated as i watched hubby take his breakfast today while i fed mischa her usual cereals. but this is all for a good cause. the aloe, green tea and protein shake should suffice to keep me energized and full the whole morning, leaving no room for hunger pangs in the middle of it. so far it works. i think. we just have to see. this is the best i can do for now.

now, if i find it effective, should i continue and get their products?

signing up

nope, this is not me

drinking to good health

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