the baguio trip 2010

came home around midnight last night from our weekend trip to baguio city for our annual teambuilding activities. i enjoyed the trip but i was exhausted to the bone. during the entire time we were on the road from the moment we left manila friday night, i alternately felt excited, happy yet guilty for leaving mischa. i couldn’t stop thinking about her the whole time and periodically checked with mico how she was doing. i know that my brother and the yaya will look after her but still, i couldn’t shake the feeling that i was being a mother for leaving my tiny, defenseless baby. anyway, the weekend passed by a blur and i was never so happy to see her as soon as we got to mico’s condo (we are staying for the week). it took every ounce of willpower not to get her from yaya as i have yet to change my road weary clothes. as soon as i cleaned up, i hugged and kissed as much as i could that little, soft baby. she smelled sooo nice! it was good sleeping beside her again.

anyhow, i actually had fun despite a little foreboding feeling during the couple of weeks leading to the event. there were a lot of hot heads prevailing at the office, many were forgetting that we were heading to a teambuilding. but everything ended well save for a lot of heckling, some cuts and bruises during the games, and people trying to catch their breath while trying to keep up with the physical activities. my personal realization was, age was really catching up with me. i am not as lithe nor as fast as before. this year, i joined the amazing race game after not participating in four years (i was pregnant in 2009, it was not held in 2008 and i was too drunk the night before in 2007) and i had to huff and puff to keep up with the youngish ones much to my chagrin. but i am proud to say that i was not a liability at all. i saved our teams a couple of times like that pesky DOJ trivia at the start of the tasks. we had fun going around baguio, thank god there are no pasaways in our team so we just went coolly about our business unlike other teams who had members yelling at each other. to bad we only finished second despite best efforts. we also finished second overall which ain’t bad considering we were really the underdogs. several of our original team members begged off from the trip and we were left with only 12 from the original 16, majority of which are girls, only 1 below 30. another team boasted of having the fittest, youngest and freshest blood among all so we were just pleasantly surprised when we bagged second. it was really great working and bonding with my red team from the get-go. even practicing for our team cheer was a blast, and we endured the shame of the actual presentation by gyrating our way to the tunes of careless whisper ala hayden kho, tik tok of keisha, single ladies of beyonce and bad romance of lady gaga.

several of us also went to ayuyang bar for some dancing and reggae music saturday night. cheng and i felt like caged birds whose door was left open that we clambered and flew out to explore the free world we once soared in. don’t get me wrong, we’re honorable mothers and we love our daughters to bits. but we grabbed this opportunity to dance, drink and smoke the night away, and we felt good. after that, we went home to our kids refreshed and renewed. it’s like being back to our old selves once again albeit with sore legs and bleary eyes. and we continuously said that we so so miss our dearest friends, bel and jerry.

i will post pictures soon as soon as i get hold of them.

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