a clammy moment

i’ve been trying to put my pending panel interview for promotion to the farthest recesses of my brain in the past few days. i just don’t want to think about it lest i wet my pants lol. at least it’s done and now i’m over it. it was a clammy moment. i haven’t had the chance to sit at the end of that long table with the heads of offices breathing down my neck (not!), and grilling me with endless questions. it’s been six years. but all in all, i think i did okay. i have been, after all, doing the functions of that position for the better part of my professional life here at the office before they shunted me off to where i am now to rot. i know the ins and outs of that office. it’s my home, my place. it would be nice to go back albeit now with a different set of faces present. but first, to get it. it’s okay really if i don’t. there will be bigger things for me. i hope. maybe it’s straight to the directorship wahahaha. kidding! it’s all up to Him!

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