dreaming of a home

swirling around my head are thoughts (and dreams) of our dream house.  i know it’s a long shot.  we’ve only just begun. we’ve been married a year, known each other for two. we haven’t had the luxury of saving up. instead we plunged headlong into our relationship, and our family. but what the heck.. i have absolutely no regrets.  i’ve never been happier.  yes, we are struggling at the moment.  but together.

God will pave the way… in His own time.  we must work doubly hard.

my reasons are simple (for me at least):

  • i want to be independent.  i want my own rules.  i don’t want to play by anybody else’s.
  • in the same way, i can’t expect anybody else to play by MY rules.
  • i want my daughter raised my own way.  no fuss.  no superstitions.  no old wives’ tales.  i don’t appreciate being told off for taking care of my daughter, which in other people’s opinions are wrong.  i am not perfect, but i strive to be the best for my kid.
  • i’m the jealous type.  i only spend an average of ten hours per day with my daughter, eight of which she’s snoring her head off.  give weekends to me.  i don’t want her running to other people when she’s in pain or she’s proud of something she did when she grows up.
  • i don’t like my daughter being conditioned that she likes other people beside her mother.  i know it’s a bit immature thinking, but referring to earlier bullet, i am at a disadvantage when it comes to number of waking hours spent with her.
  • i get offended easily for being criticized for how i run things in my household that are different from yours.
  • i don’t want to be the subject of gossip in the neighborhood because of things under my roof being flown outside.  dirty laundry should be kept hung inside.
  • i expect loyalty from those under my care.
  • i want to be able to cook in peace without someone hovering over my shoulder because she thinks she’s the perfect chef.
  • if i would responsible for somebody else other than my husband, my kid and my hired help, i want to be able to take care of our own parents.
  • i want my own furniture, my own designs, my own personality in my abode.  i want to be able get rid of stuff i don’t like.
  • i want my own china, my own corningware, my non-stick pans, my wonderful knives.

so help me God.

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