it was a relatively ordinary day for the two of us.  woke up a little earlier than usual because we wanted to beat the early morning rush.  as was customary, gave mischa her morning bottle, played a little with her, did our thing, no breakfast because of the ongoing herbalife program, went out while dawn hasn’t broken yet.  it was our usual trek to the office.  left at 5:20 a.m., punched in at 6:20 a.m.  whoa!  because hubby wanted to try out his driving without the hassle of dodging too many cars on the road.  yeah i know it’s nothing special to other people but it’s a new thing for us regular commuters, bringing our own car to work.  this is the first, yes, of him bringing me somewhere so far from home after he had driving lessons almost a year ago.  yeah of course, i was nervous.  i said my prayers as we left the haven of our home, waving to mischa as we sped off.  i had to keep myself from gripping the sides of my seat.  i gritted my teeth and ignored the almost swiping swerves hubby made.  i had to be supportive you know.  he will return the favor when it’s my turn.  i know (and hated) the feeling of having someone almost hovering above you giving instructions, making you lose your own diskarte.  so i just sat there and made small talk while he tried his best to concentrate on the road.  i gave gentle reminders, is all.  can’t help myself.  because i don’t want to be like mama, who i swear, is the worst passenger one could have.  if i were my dad, i think i’d just give the wheel to her haha.  he just made a glitch parking the car in front of the office.  but not bad at all.  our kumpadre even jokingly told us to have an early start and make some allowance for spending time at the police station.  what a riot!

so i survived!  but i mustn’t count my chickens yet.  we still have to get home in one piece.

on the whole, i was really happy that finally, we broke ground with this.  i was mentally planning the trips we can now make as a family, going to malls, having picnics, going on roadtrips to nearby tagaytay, subic and even faraway places.  yay!  the immense possibilities!  we don’t have to leave mischa all the time anymore!

which also reminds me that i have to get my own driver’s license.  it’s been expired since my birthday of 2007.  i dunno if i will just wait out till may, my next birthday or renew it now.  decisions, decisions.

in other news, i, along with some colleagues, were interviewed by another layer of the bureaucracy, the highest one at that.  this is turning out really weird. never has he personally screened applicants for hiring nor promotion.  boy, i didn’t think this is for the presidency of the land we were being nominated for.

getting fed up

really i am.  i just might blow up anytime and attack with a barrage of unpleasantness.  i am almost at the brink of unleashing the bitchiest of me.  if only i wasn’t brought up to contain my temper especially when dealing with our elders.  the filipino society dictates that we give due respect to those older than us.  why, i don’t really know.  but it seems so unfair just because we need to in the spirit of fucking pakikisama.  i’m getting a little frustrated knowing i could not do anything except swallow everything with a smile.  i will have my day i swear.

to continue or not continue

so i have been involved in the 5-day trial wellness program of herbalife. after five days of not eating breakfast while suffering as hubby eats the regular hotdogs, longganizas, eggs, rice, etc., i survived! whew. didn’t know i had it in me to be completely disciplined about it and not have one cheat at all. yey, i’m so proud of myself. i just drank a glass of water and had my protein shake as soon as the herbalife representatives get here, which is pretty good actually. on the third day, after coaching us on the proper steps and making our shakes, they let us do our thing. we experimented with the flavors and fruits they offer but i like the choco-banana, which is really something because i don’t eat bananas because i don’t like the taste in my mouth. but i love it in shake form. and i also love the wild berry and watermelon combi.

so after the trial period, i registered these:

  • weight (i need to lose 24 lbs. overall) – from 123.2 to 121.2
  • waistline – from 92 cm. to 91 cm.

am not happy with the body and visceral fat analysis though.  and my water content even went down from the ideal.  so need to work those out.  but am quite happy with the results.  not bad at all for five days.

the question now is whether to continue with the program or not.  primary consideration is, it would entail additional expense on my part since have to buy their stuff (aloe concentrate and green tea extract for toxin removal, and protein shake concentrate).  it would do a lot of good if i continue though.  for how long, i don’t know.  signed up again for another week which would cost me a measly 500 bucks but let’s see if my results would continue to get better.  managed to sign up hubby too.  he wanted to join the program but didn’t have the chance on the first day because of his schedule.  at least it’ll be more bearable because we’re in it together and i don’t have to salivate on what he eats for breakfast 🙂

and the games began

as a follow up to a previous post on our recent teambuilding held in baguio city over the weekend, i am posting some of the 1,000++ photos in our database. pardon as most of these are of the red team where i belong.

our version of the amazing race

every year during our teambuilding activities, we hold our version of the amazing race courtesy of mamarej. i remember the last time i joined was also when we were in baguio and that was four years ago. i could run faster and my reflexes were quicker then. but i finished last then, second now. can’t figure that out but who cares 🙂 it was good that we got to tour baguio even if everything just passed by in a blur. the race started at the ating tahanan complex and we went on getting clues and completing tasks at famous landmarks like the mansion, mines view park, camp john hay, nevada square, even sm then back to the starting point when we rounded off with a question and answer portion.

baby steps to weight loss

for someone who has been conscious about her weight and round physique, i just sat around and somehow waited for a miracle to take place. lol. hubby is sorta bugging me to lose some of my post-pregnancy bulge. i am not one of those slim nor hourglass types. i am unfortunately blessed with a weird figure. read: no hips, small butt, big boobs, and with the constant bilbil. with my small stature, this was not to my advantage. i have very slow metabolism, and whatever i have eaten are sure to feel comfortable and settle round my middle. too bad. i envy those girls who can eat and eat to their hearts’ content without gaining any inconvenient ounce.

plus, exercise may be just a speck in my distant past. i remember not so long ago when cheng and i became the great gym buddies in an aerobics class not too far from here. i was also an athlete in my younger years but that’s it. i could endure the sweat but not the loss of breath. exercise then became an impossible dream. one, i don’t have the time. between mischa and work, i’m lucky to even watch my favorite shows. it’s a blessed relief to have free time on my hands away from the kitchen on weekends that i’d rather curl up and catch up on two, i don’t have the extra cash to go to the gym and invest in clothes. i know it’s really mababaw but there. three, i don’t have the discipline. again, i’d rather catch some zzzzzssss than wake up at an ungodly hour to even just jog around the neighborhood.

i so cannot do a diet. i love food period.

we don’t have the big bucks for any laser treatment that could take the layers of fat off in an instant.

so when opportunity came, i grabbed it. along with several colleagues, i signed up for a 5-day trial program of herbalife where all we had to do was not take breakfast and drink their conconction instead. this will suit me just fine. the goal is to lose weight by ingesting the right nutrients that your body needs to start the day. no more carbo, no more sugar, no more empty calories. this is my second day today and i just salivated as i watched hubby take his breakfast today while i fed mischa her usual cereals. but this is all for a good cause. the aloe, green tea and protein shake should suffice to keep me energized and full the whole morning, leaving no room for hunger pangs in the middle of it. so far it works. i think. we just have to see. this is the best i can do for now.

now, if i find it effective, should i continue and get their products?

signing up

nope, this is not me

drinking to good health

the baguio trip 2010

came home around midnight last night from our weekend trip to baguio city for our annual teambuilding activities. i enjoyed the trip but i was exhausted to the bone. during the entire time we were on the road from the moment we left manila friday night, i alternately felt excited, happy yet guilty for leaving mischa. i couldn’t stop thinking about her the whole time and periodically checked with mico how she was doing. i know that my brother and the yaya will look after her but still, i couldn’t shake the feeling that i was being a mother for leaving my tiny, defenseless baby. anyway, the weekend passed by a blur and i was never so happy to see her as soon as we got to mico’s condo (we are staying for the week). it took every ounce of willpower not to get her from yaya as i have yet to change my road weary clothes. as soon as i cleaned up, i hugged and kissed as much as i could that little, soft baby. she smelled sooo nice! it was good sleeping beside her again.

anyhow, i actually had fun despite a little foreboding feeling during the couple of weeks leading to the event. there were a lot of hot heads prevailing at the office, many were forgetting that we were heading to a teambuilding. but everything ended well save for a lot of heckling, some cuts and bruises during the games, and people trying to catch their breath while trying to keep up with the physical activities. my personal realization was, age was really catching up with me. i am not as lithe nor as fast as before. this year, i joined the amazing race game after not participating in four years (i was pregnant in 2009, it was not held in 2008 and i was too drunk the night before in 2007) and i had to huff and puff to keep up with the youngish ones much to my chagrin. but i am proud to say that i was not a liability at all. i saved our teams a couple of times like that pesky DOJ trivia at the start of the tasks. we had fun going around baguio, thank god there are no pasaways in our team so we just went coolly about our business unlike other teams who had members yelling at each other. to bad we only finished second despite best efforts. we also finished second overall which ain’t bad considering we were really the underdogs. several of our original team members begged off from the trip and we were left with only 12 from the original 16, majority of which are girls, only 1 below 30. another team boasted of having the fittest, youngest and freshest blood among all so we were just pleasantly surprised when we bagged second. it was really great working and bonding with my red team from the get-go. even practicing for our team cheer was a blast, and we endured the shame of the actual presentation by gyrating our way to the tunes of careless whisper ala hayden kho, tik tok of keisha, single ladies of beyonce and bad romance of lady gaga.

several of us also went to ayuyang bar for some dancing and reggae music saturday night. cheng and i felt like caged birds whose door was left open that we clambered and flew out to explore the free world we once soared in. don’t get me wrong, we’re honorable mothers and we love our daughters to bits. but we grabbed this opportunity to dance, drink and smoke the night away, and we felt good. after that, we went home to our kids refreshed and renewed. it’s like being back to our old selves once again albeit with sore legs and bleary eyes. and we continuously said that we so so miss our dearest friends, bel and jerry.

i will post pictures soon as soon as i get hold of them.