pierced ears

nobody would confuse my girl for a boy ever again. heehee. had it done with finally. brought her to the nearby pedia this morning to have her ears pierced. we originally wanted to have it as soon as i gave birth to her but dra. tee wouldn’t have any of it. she said tis should be done by around the 6th month. i was really apprehensive this morning fearing that mischa would make likot during the whole thing that the gun being used to bring in the morning would land anywhere but her earlobes. but the lady was such an expert (i guess she has had too many babies to practice on) that it only took about 3 seconds for the first ear. mischa didn’t cry right away, i guess she was contemplating on how she was feeling before the shock wore off and she give a mighty ol’ wail. then tears started streaming down her cheeks huhuhu. i so felt for her. it took longer on the second ear because she was making herself a handful. but it’s done! albeit for me, the hole on the left ear was a little off the mark because mischa was already squirming. but i’m happy in general. my baby is even prettier now!

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