a busy saturday

we ran errands the whole day last saturday (and i am posting it only now) but had fun. mama and dad against spent two nights at our home, instead of theirs (which is verrrrrry unlike them who thinks everyone is out to get them and that they guard their house with a fortress-like appeal). ohhh the things they do for mischa. anyhoo, we started off with kiddo’s well-baby check up, which has been postponed for two weekends because of the pedia’s jumbled schedule. her lungs got a bit of an exercise as she received two shots in each of her pata tim thighs (sorry babe!). but she was ok after that. mom and dad, though, were a different matter, for they left with considerably light pockets after the pcv and measles shots. but all in the name of love, of course. next, beat the noon clock as the edsa shrine office was about to close, to get mischa’s baptismal certificate. yeah i know, i know, it’s been ages since her christening. but we only had the chance now to get it. at least that’s one thing off our list of things to do. baby again had a time of her life as we strolled around the mall in time for lunch. as usual, she breathed in the sights and sounds of the people, of the place, of the noise. i almost got my heart broken again when she banged her head on her stroller as i was feeding her lunch. poor kid! she then began sporting an big, angry, red lump on the left side of her head. boo-hoo! we just applied ice, and then she’s good to go (again!). made us buy a booster seat from the first years, which we’ve been eyeing for her, so she wouldn’t have to sit on her stroller if she’s being fed. less head bumps yipee! we wonder how she will take to this new contraption. i hope she doesn’t scream her head off much like what she did with her carrier heehee.

last stop: fun ranch. hooray! after contemplating on possible venues for mischa’s first birthday, we finally settled on this.

hubby and i checked the function areas in the whole fun ranch complex, and decided on the blue whale grill. the place was gooood. it’s great for the kids! apart from the function rooms where the parties are held, there are amusement areas, rides, booths, food carts all over the place. it’s a mini heaven for the young. what we didn’t like though, their decors for balloons are in-house so we couldn’t hire an outside supplier, and theirs are way more expensive. on the other hand, though, saves us the effort of coordinating with one so it’s off our hands at least. we just have to choose the designs then. likewise, we’re thinking of getting food carts and the party host/magician/balloon twister from them as we have to pay corkage if we’re bringing our own. i guess this is the drawback if you book a one-stop shop party needs venue. we shelled out the 50% downpayment. now i only have to worry about the cake/cupcake tower, loot bags, invites, favors, backdrop and mischa’s outfit. oh and i’m still not decided on the them but it’s down to tinkerbell and ladybug (55-45).

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