that itchy feeling

like my babe, i have been also off-color for the past few days because of this terrible hives i’ve been having. ugh!!! i so remember the time last year when i got PUPPP while i was pregnant. it was the worst, the most horrible, most sickening feeling i have ever felt in my entire life, and that includes being cut up for a c-section. i swear all i wanted to do was scratch and scratch and scratch. it was so unnerving! and here it is again. i suspect my birth control pills. i’ve been taking them for over a week, and it’s the only foreign thing entering my body. if it’s something i ate, these ugly things should have been gone after a day or two. but they are quite persistent, making my life a living hell once again. who do hormones do this to me? what have i done wrong to them? i’ve been alternating between lathering lotion or slapping alcohol all over my body just stop the freaking itch. and nothing seems to be working. i haven’t gotten around to talking to my OB or derma, whoever can get me out of this rut.

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