runny nose

mischa has been off-color again the past couple of days because of colds. my poor baby! i could see she’s having some difficulty breathing. we know babies can’t blow their noses yet, and all that mucus gets stuck up there. we tried using a nasal aspirator but she absolutely abhors it, screaming her lungs out everytime it comes near her face. good thing everytime she sneezes, a lot of it goes out. i feel so bad for her when she couldn’t sleep well because of it. i could hear her rasp breathing and she often wakes up in the middle of the night crying, i presume, because of all that goo that’s stuck in her nasal passage. i wish it was me who gets sick instead of her. good thing her appetite’s not affected. we would know for sure that something’s wrong with her in case there will be a dip in her eating and drinking habits heehee. but i really really hope this goes away soon. my heart goes out to her terribly. i wish i could always take away all her discomfort and pain.

One thought on “runny nose

  1. Most of the Salines contain preservatives which are irritative and may create sensitization.
    I found Cleanoz Saline preservative free in single use applicators ( , more hygienic than the big saline bottles that you keep for weeks…. For multiples you can use a different applicator for each baby and save money. Also you can keep the remaining containers for the next cold 

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