ash wednesday

i’m glad i got to go to mass today although i had no plans. good thing hubs had to go to work early so i passed by paco church, and the mass was just starting. i know i have been neglecting my catholic duties for quite sometime, being able to go to church and communion once in a blue moon. i don’t want to blame mischa but really, it’s hard to plan to go out every sundays with a baby in tow and no car to drive. it was good when we were at my folks’ home but it’s different when we’re at our own house. i just gotta say that i never forget to pray anyway, being a mom makes you cling extra hard to your faith because you’re not thinking only of yourself anymore. and you know you need more blessings and guidance from up there most especially for the little one.

as lent is here and now at this time of the year, i know i need in-depth introspection about how i’m living my life. well, it’s something you have to do all year anyway. but my catholic upbringing has instilled in me that one needs to treat lenten season as something special because of the sacrifices of our lord Jesus. while i don’t claim to be religious (at least on the surface unlike some people i know), i try to live a very christian life–and that is hurt no one while going your own way. i believe in divine providence, and that you don’t need to wield unnecessary powers or authority to get your own way but in the process hit those who are not in the position to hit you back. karmic powers, my man.

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