rent the musical

hubby and i had a chance to go on a pre-valentine date this saturday but seeing the musical, rent. thanks to mico who brought the tickets early on but suddenly couldn’t make it. rather than going to waste, he generously gave them to us, and we made it our “date”. it’s been sometime since we had a real date what with guilty feelings assuaging me everytime i would think that the time could’ve been spent on mischa. anyways, i really couldn’t give an in-depth review about it since i am not expert. let’s just say i just enjoyed the whole thing (take it from someone who have last seen a musical back in college). hubby thought it was a little dragging. i found myself stomping my foot in time to the rhythm and i laughed at the obvious parts (hmmm very thought-provoking). the artists were unknown too (at least for me), except for gian magdangal. i did like the character of angel. but in all, it’s a far cry from miss saigon, cats and cinderella. i was actually looking for the big production thingie that i came to expect from these musicals, but it was inconspicuous. i didn’t realize that was it when they finished with la vie boheme. they did okay. it’ll do for now.

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