on pcos, myoma and pills

i went to my obgyne yesterday for a check-up. he actually asked me to come back november but was too busy. i can’t recall now what i have been doing but just know that things kept me preoccupied that time. whatever. anyhoo, had a transvaginal ultrasound as required, to keep check of my uterine fibroid (if it’s growing, shrinking, etc.). i kinda got used to this because of the x number of times i had to undergo it. upon initial evaluation of the doctor’s findings, saw that the myoma more or less remained the same. but it had a new annotation of “polycystic right ovary“. i was actually surprised because this syndrome hasn’t been seen on me before. i have had heard of pcos greatly from friends who have it, or online buddies in the n@w community. i have debunked the theory that women with pcos have trouble conceiving wehehe. i personally know of four close friends who have it but have healthy children despite having their periods a couple of times a year only. i got a little confused because one kumare said that hormone therapy usually does the trick for pcos people. but what about my myoma? my ob actually prevented me from taking pills lest the thing grows which could eventually lead to him to take out my uterus. so what then? gave him my results and after running through it, gave me a pap smear. god! i don’t known how much more my precious can take in a day huhuhu. i’ve got enough poking to last me a lifetime. he then prescribed me nordette for the time being and told me to have myself checked again in three months to see if myoma grows any bigger. the good news is, we can do away with counting and using protection for the period. hooray! gone will be the days of unease and slight fear for being pregnant this soon. at least for the time being.

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