party planning mode on (again)

it’s late into the night and between facebooking and uploading pictures, i’m bugging hubby about suppliers for mischa’s first birthday party in june. yep, i am at it again! it seems that in the last two years, i’ve been constantly on the lookout for the best suppliers, which we can afford of course. i have just four months to scout, negotiate, do some ocular inspections, taste test, and close deals to give mischa a memorable and fun party. she might not remember it in the long run, but then again, i will have pictures to show for it. one colleague even said in jest that, hey, save some for your next kid(s). but how can one resist in giving the best for your kid? i just have to work overtime in the babies to come. lol.

i only have two rules in this particular planning–1) no jollibees, mcdos, kfcs. max’s and kenny rogers i might consider if i get desperate but i’m trying to hold them at bay with all my might. 2) no princessy themes. i don’t want the usual. i want kick-ass!

so far, i have done some internet researching based on suppliers i have heard of, mostly from my n@w community. i inquired, and the list is down for choosing, depending also on hubby’s say. but i’m trying to lay it all out for him, you know. hmmm i know i’m gonna make his head spin and spin with no end in sight with all the options i’m going to give him teehee.

first off, is the theme of course. after much examination, and weighing which i could pull off, i am down with these possible themes:

with the venue, i am down to the fun ranch, which i really, really wanted even before as i always see it when we pass by tiendesitas. but we’re having problems of getting in suppliers because one has to pay corkage for everything that we bring in, such as hosts, magicians, balloon decor, cake, since they have these in-house, and they’re freakin’ expensive than if i outsource them. but i really have my heart set on this. second choice is one san miguel avenue. third, i don’t want to think about it.

photography–to have or not to have. as we’re on a very, very, very tight budget, we are mulling whether to hire a professional or just rely on the services of our photography-buff friends. (paging seatmate frencel tingga). we are teeming with friends with SLRs who don’t shoot bad at all. but if i could haggle with hubby about getting the whole works–sort of a prenup location shot, pre-event shot, signature album and magazine-style or coffee table album. i just have to use my charms on him on this. but i’ve inquired with ging lorenzo, whose works are super amazing! or ces kasilag, who already turned me down because she’ll be on her 8th month of pregnancy by mischa’s birthday, and has been advised by her doctor to slow down. she nevertheless referred me to her partner warren camitan, who i have yet to contact.

for balloon decors and food carts, i am considering n@wie sis, apple cabel or polkadotevents. i’ll decide when we finalize the theme and venue.

inquiries have been sent to yummy piece of cake as they are my number 1 choice for the cupcake tower. i wanted to get my hands on one of their cupcakes ever since i saw their site. oh gosh, marie please stop drooling. or i might get frupcakes, whose cupcakes are equally heavenly.

also saw baby fashionistas, and my list has grown.

i have yet to start thinking invitations, favors, loot bags, games and other prizes. gimme time…

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