a social call

yep, my little star got her first invitation to a birthday party of a 2-year old kid a few houses down. too bad our camera ran out of battery we didn’t get to take pictures during the party itself. i think she had fun watching all those kids running, and the festive air driving her senses wild. though she probably won’t remember all these a few years from now. i just know she so wanted to join all the fun games, and to partake of all that birthday goodness of spaghetti, chicken and hotdogs. and she was clutching the spongebob lootbag all the day way home. too bad mommy didn’t have as much fun because hubby left us after a while to go to a homeowners’ meeting. i’m having a bit of an inferiority complex because i feel that our neighbors haven’t quite accepted me to the fold yet, save for a few. not my loss hehe. they were all smiles towards mischa but nary a glance towards the mom. hmpf.

pierced ears

nobody would confuse my girl for a boy ever again. heehee. had it done with finally. brought her to the nearby pedia this morning to have her ears pierced. we originally wanted to have it as soon as i gave birth to her but dra. tee wouldn’t have any of it. she said tis should be done by around the 6th month. i was really apprehensive this morning fearing that mischa would make likot during the whole thing that the gun being used to bring in the morning would land anywhere but her earlobes. but the lady was such an expert (i guess she has had too many babies to practice on) that it only took about 3 seconds for the first ear. mischa didn’t cry right away, i guess she was contemplating on how she was feeling before the shock wore off and she give a mighty ol’ wail. then tears started streaming down her cheeks huhuhu. i so felt for her. it took longer on the second ear because she was making herself a handful. but it’s done! albeit for me, the hole on the left ear was a little off the mark because mischa was already squirming. but i’m happy in general. my baby is even prettier now!

a busy saturday

we ran errands the whole day last saturday (and i am posting it only now) but had fun. mama and dad against spent two nights at our home, instead of theirs (which is verrrrrry unlike them who thinks everyone is out to get them and that they guard their house with a fortress-like appeal). ohhh the things they do for mischa. anyhoo, we started off with kiddo’s well-baby check up, which has been postponed for two weekends because of the pedia’s jumbled schedule. her lungs got a bit of an exercise as she received two shots in each of her pata tim thighs (sorry babe!). but she was ok after that. mom and dad, though, were a different matter, for they left with considerably light pockets after the pcv and measles shots. but all in the name of love, of course. next, beat the noon clock as the edsa shrine office was about to close, to get mischa’s baptismal certificate. yeah i know, i know, it’s been ages since her christening. but we only had the chance now to get it. at least that’s one thing off our list of things to do. baby again had a time of her life as we strolled around the mall in time for lunch. as usual, she breathed in the sights and sounds of the people, of the place, of the noise. i almost got my heart broken again when she banged her head on her stroller as i was feeding her lunch. poor kid! she then began sporting an big, angry, red lump on the left side of her head. boo-hoo! we just applied ice, and then she’s good to go (again!). made us buy a booster seat from the first years, which we’ve been eyeing for her, so she wouldn’t have to sit on her stroller if she’s being fed. less head bumps yipee! we wonder how she will take to this new contraption. i hope she doesn’t scream her head off much like what she did with her carrier heehee.

last stop: fun ranch. hooray! after contemplating on possible venues for mischa’s first birthday, we finally settled on this.

hubby and i checked the function areas in the whole fun ranch complex, and decided on the blue whale grill. the place was gooood. it’s great for the kids! apart from the function rooms where the parties are held, there are amusement areas, rides, booths, food carts all over the place. it’s a mini heaven for the young. what we didn’t like though, their decors for balloons are in-house so we couldn’t hire an outside supplier, and theirs are way more expensive. on the other hand, though, saves us the effort of coordinating with one so it’s off our hands at least. we just have to choose the designs then. likewise, we’re thinking of getting food carts and the party host/magician/balloon twister from them as we have to pay corkage if we’re bringing our own. i guess this is the drawback if you book a one-stop shop party needs venue. we shelled out the 50% downpayment. now i only have to worry about the cake/cupcake tower, loot bags, invites, favors, backdrop and mischa’s outfit. oh and i’m still not decided on the them but it’s down to tinkerbell and ladybug (55-45).

that itchy feeling

like my babe, i have been also off-color for the past few days because of this terrible hives i’ve been having. ugh!!! i so remember the time last year when i got PUPPP while i was pregnant. it was the worst, the most horrible, most sickening feeling i have ever felt in my entire life, and that includes being cut up for a c-section. i swear all i wanted to do was scratch and scratch and scratch. it was so unnerving! and here it is again. i suspect my birth control pills. i’ve been taking them for over a week, and it’s the only foreign thing entering my body. if it’s something i ate, these ugly things should have been gone after a day or two. but they are quite persistent, making my life a living hell once again. who do hormones do this to me? what have i done wrong to them? i’ve been alternating between lathering lotion or slapping alcohol all over my body just stop the freaking itch. and nothing seems to be working. i haven’t gotten around to talking to my OB or derma, whoever can get me out of this rut.

runny nose

mischa has been off-color again the past couple of days because of colds. my poor baby! i could see she’s having some difficulty breathing. we know babies can’t blow their noses yet, and all that mucus gets stuck up there. we tried using a nasal aspirator but she absolutely abhors it, screaming her lungs out everytime it comes near her face. good thing everytime she sneezes, a lot of it goes out. i feel so bad for her when she couldn’t sleep well because of it. i could hear her rasp breathing and she often wakes up in the middle of the night crying, i presume, because of all that goo that’s stuck in her nasal passage. i wish it was me who gets sick instead of her. good thing her appetite’s not affected. we would know for sure that something’s wrong with her in case there will be a dip in her eating and drinking habits heehee. but i really really hope this goes away soon. my heart goes out to her terribly. i wish i could always take away all her discomfort and pain.

ash wednesday

i’m glad i got to go to mass today although i had no plans. good thing hubs had to go to work early so i passed by paco church, and the mass was just starting. i know i have been neglecting my catholic duties for quite sometime, being able to go to church and communion once in a blue moon. i don’t want to blame mischa but really, it’s hard to plan to go out every sundays with a baby in tow and no car to drive. it was good when we were at my folks’ home but it’s different when we’re at our own house. i just gotta say that i never forget to pray anyway, being a mom makes you cling extra hard to your faith because you’re not thinking only of yourself anymore. and you know you need more blessings and guidance from up there most especially for the little one.

as lent is here and now at this time of the year, i know i need in-depth introspection about how i’m living my life. well, it’s something you have to do all year anyway. but my catholic upbringing has instilled in me that one needs to treat lenten season as something special because of the sacrifices of our lord Jesus. while i don’t claim to be religious (at least on the surface unlike some people i know), i try to live a very christian life–and that is hurt no one while going your own way. i believe in divine providence, and that you don’t need to wield unnecessary powers or authority to get your own way but in the process hit those who are not in the position to hit you back. karmic powers, my man.

flower garden

nanay‘s labor of love. ate leny, my sister-in-law has been requesting for pictures of her garden at home which, our companion, her mother-in-law (much too complicated family we are), tends to with much care and pride. wish i had a green thumb. it’s one of the things that i haven’t had the chance to dab my hands on. when hubs and i were still the only ones living at home, the garden was pretty much non-existent save for a few plants (i don’t even know what they’re called). it was a pitiful sight, it was just an ugly patch of brown and green. now, flowers are in bloom thanks to the wonderful hands of nanay. she loves these things to death. i remember the one time at the height of typhoon ondoy. as we were rushing to get inside the house and trying to bring as much stuff as we can up the second floor, she was still tending to her plants and wanted to save them more than food and appliances inside the house. hubby was beside himself with anger hehehe. she treats them like her own kids if i say so myself.

here are pics taken last weekend with the bulilit sitting prettily on her stroller enjoying the cool, glorious morning.