simple and sweet

yesterday marked our first wedding anniversary, and second as boyfriend/girlfriend. it was simple and sweet. my facebook status read: one year of commitment, two years of love. and indeed it was. while this should have merited fireworks and a grand celebration, we spent it quietly at home with our beloved baby. we don’t even have pictures of it. we were just plain happy to be together after he was gone for a week for an official business in the bicol region. we did the morning rituals as if it were a saturday. thank god for small blessings that we were able to take time off from work much to the secret chagrin of people on top. freed mischa off yaya’s hands, and he fixed things up around the house as was his routine every weekend. just took a coupla hours in the afternoon when we knew mischa would be napping to steal some time at callospa in nearby antipolo. it was great! a body scrub, ear candling, massage and ventosa do great wonders for the body and soul.

happy anniversary dad! i know we will still weather a lot. i feel like we have been together a lifetime despite the numbers saying otherwise. i couldn’t believe it was just 364 days ago when we were sealing the deal, and commiting each other to forever in front of our family and friends. it seems only yesterday when i was walking down the aisle of historic san agustin to your waiting arms. even more so, i could hardly believe that it has been more than two years since you were just wiping away tears from my eyes, promising to love and cherish me for the rest of your life, and assuring me that life is beautiful and that unfortunate events are best forgotten. cheers to more years of love, affection, good and bad times, and an ading soon 🙂

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