magic 7

as with the previous months, the 6th is always celebrated as mischa’s “birthsary” if such a term exists. we usually have cake and some form of pasta or pancit, a filipino delicacy of noodles and sauteed veggies believed to signify long life for the celebrant. it is always a quiet gathering, with only the three of us and either my parents or nanay. yesterday was no different as mischa hit the 7th mark. we especially exerted best efforts to get home rightaway for we have been getting there a little late the past few days because of work. we couldn’t let the day pass by without celebrating bulilit‘s special day.

starting the day with a book

can i have another one, ma? i'm finished with this one.

reaching out for the s'mores

the languid sleeper

we’re proud that she has four words to her vocabulary to date: mama, papa, baba and pwe 🙂 among the smattering of grunts, mumbles and squeals. she can also sit fabulously now and it’s only a matter of time before she can do it on her own. during her baths, she takes so much to the water and has been playing and splashing to her heart’s content until we have to pull her out. most importantly, she can almost sleep on her own without the need for rocking and lullabies. can’t wait for more milestones from you babe! tito ninong mico got mommy a little pressured when he said that a friend’s child who’s almost mischa’s age has been advancing leaps and bounds in terms of sitting and standing up. of course, babycenter has been reassuring paranoid and OC moms like me that every baby develops at different pace, and in different ways. so i shouldn’t be too concerned about it. i’d just let her enjoy and develop on her own without hyperparenting. it’s not good for a child if i do. as long as she’s healthy and isn’t too far behind, i shouldn’t worry my head about it.

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