the hollaback girls

it’s good to be together even for just a couple of hours. we chanced a dinner that i almost missed because of the problem of mischa’s babysitting. but i know i couldn’t pass the chance to be with them. i miss these two girlfriends of mine. since bel is now in dubai, and cheng i mostly catch up on the phone, this is a dinner i could hardly pass upon. we have had our share of ups and downs and through the years, we have celebrated life. we have gone through a lot for a couple of gurls who bonded together only because of a boracay trip in 2005 despite knowing each other for a couple of years in the workplace. we have weathered breakups, done gimmicks, inuman and yosi sessions, parties, sleepovers and a gamut of kalokohans. we witnessed the births of our kids, watched partners come and go. i consider them family, and i know our friendship will endure for years to come despite the distance and the different paths we each chose to take. now, there are just the phone calls, the yms, the occasional get togethers. i will forever cherish them and i know deep in my heart that i could hold on to them for dear life. we’re three-of-a-kind despite the contrasting personalities. we kick ass! and we hope to pass on the torch to our daughters in the future.

the bora trip - 2005

@ an inuman

baguio inuman - 2006

despedida for the big boss - 2006

my own daughter hasn't been born yet here, and the two other girls have grown A LOT since then

fooling around one lazy afternoon

celebrating my birthday with our best boy pals

the way we were - 2006

and then there were three - 2007

women of the world - 2009

miss ya girls!

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