a new day

it’s the new year actually. i’m taking advantage of the quiet as hubby and baby doze off the afternoon. had the funnest and most memorable new year celebration ever. as far as i can remember, we kept to ourselves and didn’t go out every year’s eve at my parents’ house because of mama’s paranoia that we’re gonna be shot to death (i’m exaggerating :)) or hit by wayward fireworks. except for the one time that dad bravely brought a fountain much to the consternation of my mother. but this year, we gorged ourselves with fountains from dragon fireworks and the good ‘ol kwitis. mischa slept through it all. you could wake the dead with all that racket going on but no, she went on with her business of sleeping as though she doesn’t have a care in the world. she woke up though as we were about to partake of the feast hubby and i painstakingly prepared starting 5pm on the 31st. here are the pics during our celebration.

i hope the new year brings in more blessings to our family. we have a lot to be thankful for during the past year, and we will continue to work hard that we may be worthy of the graces we are receiving. hubby and i are looking forward to our first anniversary this january, and our second as boyfriend-girlfriend. i love you daddy!

the traditional 13 fruits

labor of love media noche

our fireworks

our family

good morning baby!

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