my foodie page

i am attempting to create a page that is devoted to recipes that i either follow or concoct. mind those who read these (although i’m pretty sure i have no avid followers teehee), these are mostly my own versions of famous dishes. as a homemaker, cooking is one of those things that i strive to perfect even if what i do are done mostly to suit the taste and tummies of my husband and family. as of this writing, i have only tried Filipino dishes, and of course baby food 🙂 so i’ll continue to improvise as i go along. someday i hope to gain some knowledge of baking, which up to now remains a distant task for when in the world would i have the chance to study it? that said, i still need to buy an oven.

the page can be viewed here.

three friends, two birthdays

three good friends of mine (from different circles) celebrated their natal day this january. two hit the 3-decade mark, while one is almost at it. i felt guilty being out late on both nights, knowing mischa is at home waiting (or snoring) for us but had a good time nonetheless thanks to old friends. cheers to life!

ariel and tristan's @ tramway buffet garden

rino's @ kaymig, dampa


so our suspicions were correct. the reason for mischa’s fever and discomfort last week became evident last weekend when i chanced upon a budding white spot on her lower gums. i know it’s really horrendous to have your teeth come out, i can only imagine baby’s pain as it cuts through her delicate gums, but yay! for the first tooth. now, if only we could take a snapshot of it for posterity but as always, mischa’s makulit, and keeps on putting out her tongue everytime we try to get a good look at it. i just see the sweet thing on her every time she wails her heart out for milk or hele. tee-hee..

this is not my baby, of course. i have yet to get good timing to get a picture. but this looks a lot like hers at the moment.

simple and sweet

yesterday marked our first wedding anniversary, and second as boyfriend/girlfriend. it was simple and sweet. my facebook status read: one year of commitment, two years of love. and indeed it was. while this should have merited fireworks and a grand celebration, we spent it quietly at home with our beloved baby. we don’t even have pictures of it. we were just plain happy to be together after he was gone for a week for an official business in the bicol region. we did the morning rituals as if it were a saturday. thank god for small blessings that we were able to take time off from work much to the secret chagrin of people on top. freed mischa off yaya’s hands, and he fixed things up around the house as was his routine every weekend. just took a coupla hours in the afternoon when we knew mischa would be napping to steal some time at callospa in nearby antipolo. it was great! a body scrub, ear candling, massage and ventosa do great wonders for the body and soul.

happy anniversary dad! i know we will still weather a lot. i feel like we have been together a lifetime despite the numbers saying otherwise. i couldn’t believe it was just 364 days ago when we were sealing the deal, and commiting each other to forever in front of our family and friends. it seems only yesterday when i was walking down the aisle of historic san agustin to your waiting arms. even more so, i could hardly believe that it has been more than two years since you were just wiping away tears from my eyes, promising to love and cherish me for the rest of your life, and assuring me that life is beautiful and that unfortunate events are best forgotten. cheers to more years of love, affection, good and bad times, and an ading soon 🙂

marriages and infidelity

on the heels of the kris aquino supposed scandal…

it’s funny that something as shallow as showbiz gossip made its sneaky way into our online forum. but of course, as kris is a mother and wife, this topic hotly touched the deepest recesses of women in the n@w community. i guess it’s because at one time or another, we have been touched by the evilness of infidelity, whether in our own marriages or of someone else familiar and dear to us. it is one of the touchiest but most real of horrors that a woman, married or in a relationship, fear. i might only be speaking for myself because jealousy is my second name lol. to my own defense, i don’t think it’s insecurity or immaturity on my part rather maybe the sting of being fooled to the highest level has sorely touched and scorched me for life. i know hubby has tried his damnest even before when we were dating to convince me of his love and dedication to me as his wife and as a person. still i admit to regular moments of annoyance when thoughts of deceit or probable closeness to other women come up front. pardon the quirks, i’m only human after all. it’s something i have to work on for life. but i’m learning, alright?

anyway, going back to the kris issue…i feel so strongly about women like the mayen austria being referred to. even if i have friends who are like that (read: angeline jolies, krista ranillos and marian riveras of this world!), i give them a piece of my mind. i just don’t see the point of sniffing around and trying to make your presence felt with guys who are committed, as i said married or in a relationship. it’s just plain wrong. maybe it stems from me being a victim of seemingly innocent get-togethers that eventually led into something big which ended up in a relationship that went kaput after ten years of togetherness (i’ve posted enough literature on this i can write a book :)). then again, whichever way you look at it, nothing just adds up. while it is human nature to be greedy and sheath one’s claws for survival, we still stake our own territory. and once it’s done with the consent of adults, it’s for life. so it still irks me to death whenever i get whiff of girls or women who seduce or use their powers (financial, emotional blackmail, legs, cleavage or whatnots) to lure perfectly committed men who will seem to think that they need these idiots in their lives for an ego boost or something. these women should be hanged upside down lol. some of them make a living out of it, breaking up relationships one after another. they feel a really macabre sense of triumph when they manage to split apart a perfectly fine relationship. hmmmpf.

i don’t very much like kris like when she goes tattling around things about her and her family. we have all sordidly but fascinatingly followed her tumultous affairs. despite best efforts, it’s hard to ignore her when she’s panning for the camera, tears and all, telling the public how a former presidential daughter has acquired a sexually-transmitted disease. but she’s absolutely right this time. in all fairness to her, she’s grown and matured leaps and bounds, maybe because she has to as her husband is eleven years her junior. she had to be the strong, understanding and patient person she’s not used to. there’s nothing wrong with protecting your turf. she realizes that it is her responsibility because she smells something different and fishy with this whole affair. how can we blame her if she feels uncomfortable about women calling her husband? i also like the fact that she doesn’t care much about her image as a public figure so long as she feels it is her right and duty as a wife and mother.

as for james, what the hell. there’s obviously something wrong here if these kinds of problems about womanizing, etc. keeps on cropping up. granting that kris is a very dominating person, he still made him his wife. he shouldn’t keep on entertaining a spark even for a fleeting second which could get into a razing fire. yeah maybe sometimes he feels emasculated considering he should be the man in the house. still, he wanted it in the first place, had wanted the marriage the take place, had consented to it. he chose her with all her antics and craziness. five years ago when they got married, despite all her flaws and her past, james opted to marry her. if he was not ready then, she shouldn’t have tied himself to her, right?

and what’s with dragging noynoy’s name in the issue?

wrong time to get sick

or is there a right time? i’ve been thanking the heavens for the seven and a half months that mischa has gone illness-free. compared to the average baby, i’d say she’s healthier than most as even the simplest fever, diarrhea, colds or coughs have not touched her little body. in the vernacular, the oldies would say wag mong batiin. but very true that indeed, we’ve been luckier than others for which we are very thankful for. that’s why i was in a bit of panic last night when i got home and held mischa in my arms. she felt hot. and then she kept on crying for a while because she couldn’t get to sleep. i guess she was uncomfortable with the new feeling. i did all sorts of things from rocking, singing lullabies, patting her thighs, rubbing her back. nothing worked for a while. didn’t want to give paracetamol since her temperature wasn’t that high. it barely made 37.5 degrees. it didn’t help that her daddy wasn’t home and was sent to a province several thousand miles from here. twas one of those times that i really felt his absence. mischa could’ve gotten sick anytime but the fever chose to land on this particular day. sigh! put on some kool fever patch on her and after a while, i guess it did the trick for she was finally lulled into a fitful sleep. i was tossing all night with sleep eluding me for a while. when i did manage to get some winks, it still felt like my body was fully awake. it was overly sensitive to mischa’s littlest moves. come morning, i think she was better though her temperature rose up to degrees. she still takes her milk and cereal with gusto, and she was playing and being her usual jolly self. i surmise it’s just teething. been in constant communication with her pediatrician so everything’s a-ok. i know this is normal for kiddos, and i guess i just had a taste of adrenaline shots since hubby isn’t here and i felt like a solo parent. lol. i think my little girl just misses her daddy. one less person carries her and showers her with warm hugs and kisses. we’re fervently praying for his return soon. just a few more days till sunday. we’re having some laughs when we talk on the phone that we feel like an OFW family. thank god for globe’s unlimited calls and texts.