chubby chic

I’ve begun to take seriously my weight gain when I realize that I make a beeline for the blacks and purples whenever I enter a boutique. Hmmm this is not great. I have always been on the “chubby” side even before my pregnancy. I have not been called skinny ever since I stepped into high school. But things were getting out of hand when alarm bells start to tick off in my head in the last couple of weeks. People keep on asking me if I was pregnant again! What the! Good lord! I am far from being obese so thank you very much for being the kind and tactful people I know, and for reminding me that I look great…

So know I have to put this on top of my priority list. It’s not helping that it’s the Christmas season. How can I keep my eating habits in check? It’s not as if I gobble everything down like a seasoned PG, and eats like there’s no tomorrow. But still, I am not one to be conscious of what I eat. I love to eat! I savor food. I look forward to the Christmas hams that I will be having since they only appear once a year.

So what now? Gym? Diet? Slimming tea? Slimming pills? Plastic surgery? (as if…) DVD workouts?

Can someone just please whip a magic wand around here?

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