after drowning myself in dark cherry and peppermint mochas for the last couple of weeks and dragging hubby to regular trips to starbucks, finally got myself the starbucks 2010 planner! twas kinda difficult to choose from the three designs because i love ’em all but finally settled on the roast design. i liked the rough velvety feel of the cover.

i think that starbucks outdid itself this year with all the planners it came out with. although i was a bit young to remember earlier editions, or maybe i just wasn’t interested early on because it would seriously put a dent on my student allowance. think i got my first one in ’06, and this is my favorite one so far. this year’s concept revolves around the coffee-making process–from the beans to roasting to brewing. a little bit of history of how starbucks came about, especially putting up the first store in the philippines, are found on its pages.

it has great pictures in between its pages.

and what’s really great about it is the coffee bean bookmark.

and of course, how can they forget the freebie coupons. you get to have free espress shots, discounts on tumblers, upgrades, etc. how good is that eh?

i got so excited as soon as the lady at the counter handed me the box. i couldn’t wait to rip the packaging off right then and there but had to restrain myself because we were rushing home to get to baby. i almost clapped with glee the moment the thin paper fell off. it was great! i love the clean, uniform look of each page, and i thought it was swell of them to use columns for the days this time instead of the usual landscape look. i wanted to write entry after entry, and fill its wonderful pages. i love how the pen glides smoothly as i wrote down on some of the dates i can have records of this early.

i felt a little forlorn when i had to stop writing. any more events? birthdays? important milestones?

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